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7 Features to look in your forex card

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Do you have a forex card? If the answer to the question is a straight ‘yes’ then you are sorted as a smart traveller. But in case the answer is a ‘no’ then you may need to peruse this article for your own good.

As a traveller, whether travelling mostly on business purposes or pleasure, trip perfection can only be achieved if you can conclusively clinch a wonderful and memorable trip managed well-within the budget. But unfortunately, in certain cases, it does not happen, and the reason is poor management of the trip expense. Much as the task may appear delicate or onerous to some of you, it is nothing that cannot be resolved with a smart solution. And the solution is called – Forex Card. 

Get yourself a forex card!

Thinking why a forex card? Well, here are a few of its hallmarks to answer the preceding question. 

Firstly, it makes life convenient 

There is nothing like carrying money without carrying a wad of currency notes. During a trip, there are multiple possibilities of losing cash, despite the best travel packing hacks. Sometimes you lose money because of mere negligence and other times due to unfortunate incidents, such as thievery. But in any case, the stakes are high, and losses are heavy. An enduring solution to this problem can be a forex card. 

Of course, there are credit and debit cards that can also be considered for similar circumstances. But even on a comparative note, a forex card stands to justify the preference in that it asks for no additional charges. Unlike these cards, the forex card does not lead to transaction fees at the point-of-sale counters. 

As opposed to a traveller’s cheque, to which many are well-disposed, a forex card is a better option. Why? Well, do you recall asking around people about the location of a bank? OR, waiting for the bank to open? Or, being queued at the counters to collect your money? Or, maybe a mix of all? Now, these are experiences that you, as a forex card user, will never endure. They make life very convenient.

It’s as safe as houses

When it comes to finances and matters of money, the more vigilant you are the better are your chances of security. A forex card is designed embedded with a high-security encrypted microchip. And it is protected with a PIN. As a result of these facets, the forex card empowers its users with a sense of invincible security. Despite the likelihood of being subject to any unexpected forgery or counterfeit, your money and you remain safe.  

You receive real-time notifications 

To take the safety features a step further, it will be heartening for you to know that a forex card provides to unfailingly provide its user with real-time notifications. The notification service operates throughout the day without fail. So, whether you use the card at a small unassuming grocery counter or a high-street mall, once your card is swiped, you will receive the details of all the transactions. These details will further help you to notice any possible discrepancies with your card and your money.

Stay updated with live currency updates

When travelling abroad, one of the principal concerns is always the money that we pay as a result of the ever-fluctuating currency exchange rates. Shopping is a part of travelling. But during shopping, we are often concerned about the indecipherable amount of exchange rate that will have to be paid on the top of the MRP value. And in the process, we smart under the pressure of uncertainty. This is more precisely the feelings of a budget traveller. But a forex card will provide live currency rates all the time, so that you, as a buyer, can make informed decisions.

Multi-currency card it is!

Sometimes your work takes you to multiple places and so you travel in a blitz. Also, you may be a globe trotter who travels to multiple countries within a specific time. But while you are hopping from one country to another, financial transactions can become a terrible challenge to meet. You will have to manage too many currencies in short notice, and this can prove to be a herculean task for many. A forex card will come to your rescue under circumstances such as this. A forex card is also a multi-currency. So, in case of journeying from one country to another, all that you must do is to load money on the card and then use the money as local currency wherever you go.  Also, forex cards being universally acceptable and compatible to ATMs and VISA counters, you will have a roller-coaster ride. 

It provides better exchange rates over currency notes

One of the pivotal and most attractive characteristics of a forex card is that it provides better exchange rates. No matter whatever your trip budget is, our face always lights up with glee after having saved some extra money in the most fortuitous manner. Isn’t it? And a forex card will ensure just that! No matter what the current exchange rate is, with a forex card, you will get better and cheaper rates. And voila! You save some monies.