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A 7-step Guide to Saving on a Romantic Swiss Honeymoon

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International trips are always exciting, especially when you are on your honeymoon. You get to visit new places, eat exotic food, experience new cultures and do shopping in a foreign country. Switzerland is one of the top destinations for a honeymoon. So are you planning for a honeymoon in the Swiss Alps? Wow, it’s a brilliant idea. Those honeymoon pictures against the flattering backdrop of the Swiss landscape will be nothing less than a treasure. 

Despite all the excitement, an international honeymoon can be an expensive affair. And celebrating the honeymoon in Switzerland takes the expenses to an exorbitant figure. But this should not hold you from executing the beautiful plan. We will help you with the best travel hacks so that you can assuredly have the best honeymoon possible. We are offering you a step by step travel guide that will help you save money on your Swiss honeymoon. These simple yet effective travel hacks to save honey will guide you on various options to save money and yet enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. 

Many couples who plan a Swiss honeymoon often don’t plan it. You can use a zero forex markup card that will provide you with a long list of benefits and complimentary privileges. Some of the free privileges include flight and hotel discounts, free airport lounge access, and many more. Don’t be one of those people who don’t plan their honeymoon. Read and follow the 7 suggestions mentioned below and get ready to save even during your honeymoon! 

Save for the honeymoon

Any travel tour guide will tell you that international trips, especially honeymoons, can be expensive. You must be prepared to travel on a budget without affecting your honeymoon experience. After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil your honeymoon in Switzerland just because you didn’t follow any Swiss travel guide. Your preparations can start with arranging and saving money for your honeymoon. The first important thing for you to do would be to save up for the plan. A honeymoon is an expensive affair. Since it is an experience that includes a perfect stay, food, adventures, shopping, and many other activities that can even be personalized to your interests, the money to finance the honeymoon trip will indubitably go through the roof. Also, there are flight expenses and other transportation costs to cover, which are at the mercy of uncontrollable market uncertainties. Therefore, it is better to start keeping aside some money for the honeymoon as early as possible.   

Set your priorities

When you look for the best travel guide for Switzerland, you should be aware that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. You need to assess your situation and devise various travel hacks to save money. No plan will work if you do not set your priorities in the first place. So, sit yourself down and think through the end of the plan to narrow down all your priorities. You need to iron out all the specific and non-negotiable experiences you want to garner from the trip. Try to understand what the feeling is that you want to return home with from this trip. You need to understand whether it is the stay that is important or the food, or it is the adventure or something else that is the most defining aspect of this trip for the two of you.

Looking for a forex card?

While planning how to manage your money on your trip abroad, here are a few do’s and don’ts while carrying money abroad that’ll help you make an informed decision about the right mode/s of payment to pick. Knowing the forex card, debit card, and credit card charges while travelling abroad greatly saves money.

On top of that, zero forex markup card like Niyo Global brings you plenty of benefits of an international debit card as well as a multi-currency forex card such as zero forex markup fees, free airport lounge access, 5% interest on the balance, various discounts on purchases and most importantly, it is accepted in more than 150 countries. Moreover, Niyo forex card rates are minimal and help you save money on your international purchases as well. So, before your honeymoon begins, it is better to get a Niyo Global card for yourself. You will be able to save up even on your honeymoon! 

 As opposed to a traveller’s cheque, credit, or debit card, the zero forex markup Niyo Global card gives better currency exchange rates. In the case of a traveller’s cheque, you will only be able to encash the amount at a financial establishment or a bank. Hence, it can eat away your vacation time in the process of locating the bank and waiting for it to open to carry out the financial transaction for you, not to mention they’ve almost become redundant in the current times. Finally, the Niyo Global card is PIN-protected and accepted in 150+ countries across the globe. So, you do not need to wait for the banks to open to get the money. All you need to do is add money to your card in INR and swipe your card at stores, use it for online transactions, or at your nearest ATM to withdraw cash in the local currency, and your job will be done! That’s not all, it comes with complimentary airport lounge access across India so that you can begin your trip in style and luxury. Find more about why the Niyo Global zero forex markup card is your best friend during international trips.

Go during the off-season

You must be aware that any trip made during the tourist season will cost you a lot of money. And in the case of a honeymoon, it will cost you a fortune! So, make up your mind regarding the destination and then, if possible, try to schedule your honeymoon date around the off-season. This is a great saving hack, for you will be able to avail of a world of services at much cheaper costs! Whether it’s the lodging cost or restaurant bills, everything will come down to a far more agreeable figure, thereby cutting down on the total cost for you. In addition to that, any off-season trip will have fewer tourists at the tourist sights, thus making your trip an even better experience. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Book early – flights, hotels, etc

For your honeymoon, you shall require booking the flights for the two of you. You will also need to book hotels or resorts for your stay and pre-book several activities or adventures as per your choice and convenience. Now, these expenses are inevitable and unavoidable. But what is controllable, to an extent, is the price you pay for these services! So, what you need to do is watch out for the prices that will fluctuate throughout the year. As soon as the prices reach an acceptable figure, you can immediately make the transactions and seal the deal. The great thing is that you don’t have to overspend on your hotel or flight bookings. Niyo forex card rates are very minimal, and you can save a lot of money on your flights and hotel bookings. So when you plan to book early flights and hotels, make sure you use a zero forex markup card like Niyo Global.

Consider Bed & Breakfast and hostels 

A hotel is always the first choice for any honeymooning couple. In today’s day and age, staying at fancy luxurious resorts is gaining currency. These are some fetching options, undoubtedly. But if you are looking towards saving on money, then you might consider staying at a bed-and-breakfast. 

Today, on account of a growing trend in travel and tourism amongst the younger population globally, more and more bed-and-breakfast stays are coming up. In fact, many of these are quite promising with their state-of-the-art facilities and good service. They are always well within budget.  

Take advantage of the frequent flier miles

If you are a frequent flyer, you must have already acquired the flier miles! So why don’t you put them to good use for your honeymoon? Since a honeymoon is always an expensive event in life, you must try to save as much as possible. One way to spend less and save more is by using up the accrued flier miles. This way, you will be able to cut down the flight cost and bring down the honeymoon budget further!

Try out these honeymoon hacks, and let us know what you think about them! We are sure that this Swiss travel guide will help you enjoy your lovely honeymoon without a hint of worry about money or expenses. So keep those problems at bay and enjoy your honeymoon. 


How much does a honeymoon in Switzerland cost?

The cost of a Swiss honeymoon mainly depends on your personal expenses. You can have a budget honeymoon as well as spend lavishly on your honeymoon. But on average, a honeymoon in Switzerland can cost around 1 to 2 lakhs for about 7 days. You can also save money on various expenses like hotel bookings and flights by using a zero forex markup card like Niyo Global. 

What is the best time to visit Switzerland for a honeymoon?

Though Switzerland is perfect for visiting all year round. The time between June and August is perfect for couples celebrating their honeymoon in Switzerland. 

Which month is best for Switzerland?

If you are looking to save money and have a budget-friendly Swiss honeymoon, you should consider travelling during the low season in Switzerland, which ranges from November to March. 

Do I need a visa to go to Switzerland?

Yes. Though it is not in the European Union(EU), Switzerland is a part of the Schengen Area of countries that have abolished the border control between them. That means Indian travellers need a visa to enter Switzerland. 

Should you bring cash to Switzerland?

Switzerland is a modern banking economy. That means you can make cashless payments almost everywhere. So it’s best to carry a travel card like Niyo Global instead of carrying a lot of cash.