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Visiting Australia for a vacation? Applied for your Visa yet? Confused about the procedure and photo specifications?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

We have included all the information related to the Australian Visa Photo Specifications. So, read it through to the end so you do not make any mistakes. .Let us add one more important thing that often people forget, cards that are applicable everywhere rather than which one can load anywhere, everywhere, Niyo Global Card! It is a good idea to take it while travelling as at least you can avoid carrying cash or any hindrance in a new continent.

Australian Visa Photo Specifications:

What type of photo is required?

The first requirement is that the photo you submit for your Australia visa is brand-new. Use it for up to six months. Getting a new photograph taken for your Australian passport photo would be advisable rather than using any pictures clicked a long time ago. There should only be one person in the picture. 

Photo Quality

To ensure better lighting and quality:

  1. Ensure that you take your photo at a professional photo studio.
  2. Avoid taking selfies for the photo on your Australia visa because they don’t meet the requirements for Australia visas.
  3. If you are in a mess and have to take pictures from a cellphone camera for your Australia visa photos, use specific apps created to capture photographs in line with Australian visa standards. The majority of these apps are easily accessible and cost nothing.

Facial Expressions for Australia visa passport photo size

  • The applicant’s teeth shouldn’t be visible, and their eyes should be open. You can either keep a neutral expression or smile a little. 
  • Another critical factor is the applicant’s head orientation. The applicant’s head should be in the center of the photograph, squarely toward the lens. The applicant’s face should be clear of facial hair, allowing the eyes and other facial features to be visible.
  • For the Australian passport photo, frame yourself in the picture such that your entire face is visible. Be sure to look squarely at the camera with your eyes open.

Australia Visa Photo Requirements

Your Australian visa passport photo size and other specifications should follow these instructions:

  • Images must be at most six months old and nothing beyond.
  • The photo’s dimensions must have a width somewhere between 35 and 40 mm and a height approximately between 45 and 50 mm for an Australia visa size photo.
  • Your whole face must be visible.
  • Your face must be centered and facing the camera directly.
  • Do not slant your head in any direction or way.
  • Keep your hair out of your face.
  • The right pose is when your eyes are open and your mouth is closed.
  • Maintain a neutral look by avoiding frowning, laughing, or smiling.
  • Face jewellery of any kind is not allowed (piercings).
  • Avoid wearing a hat for Australian visa photo requirements.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed, and uniforms are not permitted unless they are part of a religious garb.
  • The whole face must be visible when wearing a head covering for religious reasons.
  • No modification is allowed, including removing a big or small mole, scar, or other imperfections in the backdrop.
  • The background of the image should be plain, ideally white.
  • Pictures must be sharp and in focus, without red eyes.
  • There should be no shadows or reflections and homogeneous lighting.

Till the following requirements are adhered to, prescription glasses are acceptable:

  • According to your doctor’s report, you may wear glasses for Australian visa photo requirements
  • The eyeglasses don’t cover your appearance.
  • There should be no lens reflection in the image.


When applying in person, you must attach authentic copies of the pictures with supporting documentation. However, when applying online, you must connect the images using your ImmiAccount.

For pictures taken digitally:

  • There has been no editing of the digitally captured images. It involves removing red eyes and pimples, or other skin imperfections.
  • The camera must be at least 1.2 meters distant.
  • For prints, only premium, glossy picture paper should be used.
  • Use appropriate lighting to distribute light evenly across the face.

Take off your spectacles and deal with the background shadows.

Australia Visa Photo Size 

  • Dimensions: 35 to 40 mm wide and 45 to 50 mm in length.
  • Colour: exclusively in colour.
  • Head dimensions and placement: 32 to 36 mm. not slouched or tilted. Centered.
  • The images must show the face in the head’s center, the shoulders’ tops, and the entire front of the head.
  • The skull’s circumference must fall between 31 mm and 36 mm (1 7/16″).
  • If the previous photographs do not meet the standards, you must produce new ones before completing your application.

Online Application Australia Visa Photos Requirements

If you are applying on the online mode for an Australia visa, you have to attach scanned copies of your photos following these  rules:

  • Australia Visa passport size photo’s file size should not exceed 500 Kb.
  • You should submit your photos in jpeg files.
  • Files that are encrypted or any size compressed won’t be accepted.

What is the process of Scanning a Picture for an Australian Visa?

Observe these guidelines while scanning photos for visa:

  • You should scan each image individually.
  • It should be possible to see both front and the back.
  • Before scanning, you should not position your picture on any paper.
  • The scan needs to be in colour and clear.
  • The certification signature on the back of the photo should be sharp and legible.

Using your ImmiAccount, attach images just like you do with other documents. Just ensure to select “attach image” when prompted.

Australia Visa Photo Requirements for Infants

While taking a photo of your child, check if it meets these requirements:

  • For children below three years old, the  photograph must be with an open mouth 
  • There shouldn’t be anyone else in view.
  • The child must be staring directly toward the camera.

Process to Take a Visa Photo of a Baby

The best way to photograph a baby is to lay the infant down in front of a white surface (such as cloth, sheet, changing table, etc.) and capture the photo only from above. As you stoop to take the picture, be cautious to stay out of the shadows.

Is it legit to take my photo at home when it comes to an Australia Visa?

You can, however, you must follow the Department of Foreign Affairs requirements, as pictures of poor quality will not be allowed. Having a professional shoot your visa photos is usually a brilliant idea.

Do I need to take a completely new photo in case I change my hair colour?

In general, changes to your hair shouldn’t anyway impact your biometric information, and you won’t need to take a new photo. However, if there has been a remarkable change and you are unsure, get in touch with the Australian authorities to confirm whether or not another image is necessary.

What is the meaning of “Australia Visa Photo Guarantor”?

A person who can vouch for your photos is a visa photo guarantor. The following declaration, along with their signature, should be written on the backside of each image: “This is a true photograph of (insert your full name).”

Biometrics needed for Australia Visa

You should submit your fingerprints and photos when applying for an Australia visa. It will determine whether you are eligible for the visa you are applying for and whether your home country possesses a biometric agreement with Australia.

Reasons for rejection

The rejection of the Australia visa photo can be for various reasons. 

  • Is unable to view the applicant’s eyes or face.
  • The applicant must directly face the camera.
  • The image was taken from another photograph and cropped.
  • The candidate’s mouth is open, or teeth are showing.
  • Only about 70–80 percent of the applicant’s face is visible.
  • Better quality might be possible.
  • The image was printed on regular paper rather than photographic paper.
  • The picture doesn’t meet the other criteria.
  • The backdrop colour needs adjustment.
  • You have glasses, a hat, or a cap.
  • The physical copy bears a mark.

If photos taken for an Australian passport photo size are of the incorrect size, they may get rejected too! 


The photographs are the most important things to consider while applying for an Australian visa. All visitors to Australia must submit a recent photo per Australian visa requirements. Because diplomatic officials take pictures very seriously, visa applicants should pay additional attention to this requirement. The Australia visa may be delayed or denied entirely if the images do not meet the standards. It is strongly advisable to get a new photo shot per the Australia visa photo standards to remove any potential for error and be stress-free in this situation.


  1. What is the cost of an Australian Visa for Indians?

    90 Days Tourist Visa – Rs. 12,999/-
    90 Days Business Visa – Rs. 12,999/-

  1. What are the essential documents to apply for an Australian Visa?
    – An original Passport with at least six months of validity, is mandatory .

    – Australian Visa Application Form

    – 2 recent colour photographs of the applicant

    – Updated Bank Statements

    – Income Tax Returns

    – Personal Cover Letter

  1. How many photos do you need for an Australia Visa?
    You will need two recent passport-sized colour photos.
  1. Do I need to take a new photo if I changed my hair colour?
    In general, changes to your hair, or lack thereof, shouldn’t impact your biometric information, and you won’t need to take a new photo. However, if there has been a significant change and you are unsure, get in touch with the Australian authorities to confirm whether or not another image is necessary.


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