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There are several Forex cards trending in the market and so is the need for them. What will you do if you need to pocket the best to accompany you on your next international trip?

Commonly, all the travelers first check the free airport lounge access card beside other benefits as no one wishes to spend the waiting time in the noisy environment and pay a huge amount to enjoy the relaxing drink. The list of Best Forex Cards with Airport Lounge Access 2023 might help to relax at airports. 

What is a Forex Card?

A foreign exchange card is one of the most convenient and accessible ways to carry money when visiting a foreign country. Forex cards can carry foreign currency and get accepted almost everywhere.

Think of a forex card as a preloaded card that lets you access money in a foreign currency. You can load one or more currencies. Some can load up to 15 currencies. You can also use a forex card to withdraw cash in foreign currencies, check balances, and pay for purchases in foreign currencies. You can also top up your card if you want. You get international and

domestic airport lounge access for free.

How Forex Cards Work?

While in India, you can load your travel card according to your bank’s applicable foreign exchange rate. Top up your forex card with the foreign currency of your choice, and never worry about exchange rate fluctuations again. 

When you arrive in another country, you can pay with your forex Card, just like a debit card. Plus, you can top up your travel card anytime through your bank’s Internet banking portal.

When applying for a forex card, we recommend researching various card offers from banks and other institutions. Choose between a single-currency card (for travel to a specific region or country) and a multi-currency card. You can load multi-currency cards with up to 16 different currencies.

After submitting all documents and receiving a foreign exchange card with a PIN, you must change the assigned PIN and check the card’s balance at the ATM of the issuing bank/financial institution. Alternatively, cardholders can check account balances via internet banking if the issuing bank can do so.

You can use Forex cards with foreign traders by simply swiping/dipping the card (depending on the type of card used). The card is preloaded, so your balance will immediately reflect the payment debited from the card.

Best Forex Cards with Airport Lounge Access 2023

  • The Niyo Global Card

Niyo Global Card comes under the category of zero forex markup smart travel card offering free airport lounge access in India. It’s INR-based airport lounge card that has won heart globally. Travelers in a recent survey have tagged it as their first choice for global travel. One unavoidable benefit of the Niyo Card is the fact that it is accepted worldwide (150 countries), including India, so wait no more to pocket it if you are traveling soon.

Features :  

  • It’s a Zero forex markup travel card. 
  • It offers free international Airport lounge access. 
  • You can track real-time transactions.
  • You will get up to 6.5% interest p.a. on savings with a monthly interest payout.
  • A real-time in-app currency converter option is also available. 

HDFC Regalia Forexplus Card 

The list will only justify the list of cards with international lounge access if we mention the HDFC Regalia Forexplus Card. You will have two free lounge access per quarter in all international airports in India. 

Features : 

  • It’s a single currency forex card. 
  • It offers zero cross-currency markup charges. 

ICICI Sapphiro Forex Prepaid Card

ICICI Sapphiro Forex Prepaid Card offers excellent joining benefits and many international airport lounge access. You can avail of up to 10,000 rupees joining benefits too.  

Features : 

  • It has excellent security with 3d Secure And Chip & Pin Technology. 
  • You can avail of mobile app and internet banking facilities. 

SBI Card Elite 

If you are searching for a forex card with several domestic lounge access, consider checking out the SBI Card Elite.


Features : 

  • It offers a low forex markup charge of 1.99 percent. 
  • You will get a welcome e-voucher worth 5000 rupees from partner brands. 

Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit

The Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit offers you quarterly access to one domestic airport lounge in India. 


  • You can get special offers on bus ticket bookings. 
  • It offers reward points for every Rs 100 spent on other retail purchases.  

Why Should You Use A Forex Card For Your International Trips? 

Forex cards allow holders to store and transfer money electronically while traveling abroad. The reasons why you need to have a forex card for all your international trips are : 

● Easy access, easy use, and carry during travels 

The most significant advantage of multi-currency forex cards is that they are straightforward to carry and use when traveling abroad. Heavy bundles of banknotes inevitably occupy a lot of space in luggage and cause inconvenience.

With Niyo Global Card, you can save up to 2.5% on traveler’s checks or bills. The lightweight design of the multi-currency forex card makes it easy to put in your pocket, purse, or whatever suits you best. Another problem with carrying banknotes is the risk of going cashless if all the money is lost or stolen.

● Protection against market fluctuations

Investing in a forex card, like the Niyo Card, is a surefire way to avoid unpleasant exchange rate surprises. You must know that spending is tough to control because currencies fluctuate constantly. If you decide to travel with cash in foreign currency, adverse fluctuations can significantly reduce the value of your money. But don’t worry, as you can easily protect your hard-earned money from currency fluctuations with a multi-currency forex card. 

● Instant cash assistance in emergencies 

Being completely penniless is a traveler’s worst nightmare, especially if you are stuck abroad. The good news is that well-known forex card providers offer emergency cash assistance if your forex card gets stolen or lost abroad. You can apply for free insurance and even block access to your forex card by contacting our helpline.

● Easy cash withdrawals from international ATMs  

When you are abroad, there are times when you need cash. A Niyo Forex card acts like a debit card and allows you to withdraw cash from nearly 2 million ATMs worldwide. Minimal withdrawal fees and maximum savings are guaranteed when using a foreign exchange card to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs.


  • Is the Niyo Global Signature Debit Card valid for foreign airport lounge access or only in India?

Airport lounge access is available with the Niyo Global by SBM Visa Signature Card everywhere. You can access it for free with this card.

  • Which airports accept the Niyo Card?

Almost all International and national airports accept the Niyo Card. There may be specific exceptions to the list, but the acceptance is almost everywhere globally. 

Final Words

In today’s globalized and relatively easy-to-move world, travel has become commonplace for many people. International travel is now more challenging for business or pleasure. Why not use the best method to pay and shop in foreign countries? Use the best forex card in India, none other than Niyo Global Card, and avail yourself of all the fantastic benefits on your next international trips apart from airport lounge access. India presently has high number of Forex Card users, so next time when you fly, start with the free access to the airport lounges in India!

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