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International trips can be exciting. You visit a lot of new places, meet new people and try different cuisines. You don’t have to worry about the payment options when you take a domestic trip. But international trips are the ones that may get you stressed. If you are someone who has been travelling abroad regularly, you will have your international payment methods sorted. However, if you are new to this and it is your first international trip, it is normal to be sceptical about carrying money. You must prepare a checklist before every trip, but do you ever add the best ways to pay abroad to the list? If you don’t, then you should because doing a little homework on how to take money abroad in an efficient manner will help make your trip stress-free. 

Top 6 ways of paying while travelling abroad

It would be best if you choose depending on your requirements and suitability. Here are six ways of paying when you’re travelling abroad:

  1. Cash

    The age-old method to carry money abroad is taking cash. We live in a digital era where cashless transactions are given preference. However, it is nearly impossible for the world’s economy to become entirely cashless. It does not matter if you have other options, but having some cash is a smart idea. There can be instances when the bank server goes down or the internet is not working, and cash always comes in handy in situations like these.


    • It is best to pay for expenses like food, taxis, etc., rather than online transactions.
    • Online payment modes can raise difficulty in low network areas or with vendors who accept only cash.
    • One may avoid international transaction charges.

    Smart Tip

    Carrying cash can be troublesome as you have to be vigilant all the time. You will be under constant threat from pickpockets and theft. Moreover, it is difficult to analyze how much money you will need on your trip. Therefore, you should prefer to carry money via a card. Niyo Global Card is one such card that allows you to carry money without any problem. Moreover, you don’t even need a card to make the payment. You can use the virtual card to make any payment at any point in time.  

  2. International Debit Cards

    As the name suggests, an international debit card is a debit card that you can carry with you on your international travels and use to make payments for hotels and flight booking, food, taxi, shopping, etc. You can use this card to withdraw cash from an ATM or make cashless payments at the store. International debit cards can be one of the best International payment methods because they allow you to make payments without worrying about paying hefty forex charges. 


    • No ATM withdrawal fees
    • Good deals by banks offer no foreign exchange commission.
    • A prepaid debit card can help you stay within your budget.

    Smart Tip

    Spending cash when travelling abroad can be inefficient as you need to carry a lot of cash wherever you go. But having a card that does not charge any foreign exchange fees can help you save money. This is where the Niyo Global Card comes in handy, as it is a  “Zero Forex Markup” Card. Cards like Niyo Global allow users to load the card with Indian Rupees and spend it according to the currency of the country they are travelling in. Their mobile app and card automatically convert the Indian Rupees to the currency you want. You can also see the amount of money in the native currency you need to pay for a particular purchase. 


    No loading and unloading charges exist, so you can loan money without worries. Once your trip is complete, you can unload the money into your bank account without any charge. If you want to keep the money in the Niyo Digital account, you will be rewarded with up to 6.5% annual interest on the balance with a monthly interest payout. You also get free airport lounge access across many airports. What else do you want? This is what makes international debit cards like Niyo Global the best way to carry money and pay for expenses when travelling abroad.   

  3. Credit Card 

    You might be regularly using a credit card for payments and be familiar with how it functions. Credit cards are an excellent option for cashless transactions; as they allow you to pay without hassle. There are a variety of credit cards for foreign trips, and often there are exciting offers. One such type is a travel credit card explicitly made to travel. However, there may be a small transaction fee, and you need to check that the card you have opted for allows foreign transactions.


    • Foreign exchange fees are meagre and sometimes zero when the banks are competitive.
    • As you are already familiar with the process, the transactions are hassle-free.
    • You don’t have to pay for the amount you use right away

    Smart Tip

    Keep track of the conversion charges while making transactions abroad to avoid financial turmoil. But various credit cards don’t offer real-time conversion charges, which makes it difficult to track the actual amount until payment is made. Hence, having a card that offers real-time currency conversion charges is essential so that you stay on your budget. Niyo Global Card is one such card that offers real-time conversion charges, making it easy to make payments.  

  4. Traveler’s Cheques

    Traveler’s cheques were in use abundantly when the world was not digital. Even in days of cashless payments, some people carry Traveller’s Cheques along on a trip. The process involves visiting a bank, buying the Traveller’s Cheques, and encashing them by revisiting the bank.


    • Traveler’s cheques can maintain your budget as they are less flexible than cards.
    • You don’t lose money even If you lose the traveller’s cheque.
    • They are helpful when cards are not accepted.

    Smart Tip

    The issuers of these cheques are limited. Thus, having an alternative mode of payment that is widely accepted is highly needed. Niyo Global Card is one such card that acts as your travel partner, allowing you to make payments in more than 150+ countries with just one single card. 

  5. International Money Transfer

    International Money Transfer or remittance services are very popular. Gone are the days when there was a need to physically go to an agent to remit money. You can easily use an app or register with a remittance service, convert the money and send it to the recipient. You have to pay the same exchange rate and transaction fees.


    It is an easier, faster, and more efficient way of International money transfer.

    Smart Tip

    Get a quotation from the remittance service provider to finalise the exchange rate and guarantee the security of payments. But these money transfers incur, other costs as well you make a payment.  Therefore, having another option that allows you to transfer money without any charges is great. Niyo Global Card is one such card that allows you to transfer and add money without any charges. 

Why use Niyo Global as your Travel Payment partner?

As already discussed, an international travel card is the most secure option for paying while travelling abroad. Niyo Global is the best Travel Card that you must add to your list. It is an international debit card that helps people make payments in more than 150 countries hassle-free. Niyo Global is an Indian Rupee-based International travel card that lets users pay for various expenses during international travels without worrying about foreign exchange fees. It lets you load your card in Indian Rupees and automatically converts the required amount into any currency you need. For example, you can load your Niyo Digital account or Niyo Global card with Indian Rupees and spend it on any currency, from US to Australian dollars. You don’t have to worry about paying charges for currency conversion. Niyo offers zero forex markup charges so that you can pay for your international expenses without worry. It is accepted in more than 150 countries which gives it worldwide acceptance.

On top of that, only the amount you use is converted into another currency. The remaining balance continues to gain interest of up to 6.5%. You can also use the money loaded on your Niyo card to make international payments to international stores after completing your journey. Here are some more features of Niyo Global that make it a perfect choice to pay for expenses in your foreign travel.:

  • Zero forex markup
  • Tap and Pay transactions
  • Free airport lounge access
  • Interest up to 6.5% per annum with monthly interest payouts
  • No loading and unloading charges
  • Easy to block and unblock the card
  • Quick ATM Locator within the app
  • In-app live Customer Service is available 24X7
  • In-app Currency Converter
  • The account opening process is entirely online in the Niyo Global app
  • Easily add money in INR using UPI/NEFT/IMPS without any charges
  • No account opening fees
  • No fees for not maintaining any balance on your card.
  • Manage your payment limit across multiple payment channels


There are plenty of options to choose from; however, it is always better to adopt at least two different payment methods. Not doing enough research on the various ways to make an International Money Transfer can lead to you paying higher conversion and transaction fees throughout the trip. Whether a vacation or a business trip, plan beforehand and choose the best way to carry money abroad.


  1. Which banks have no foreign transaction fees?

    Capital One and Discover One are financial institutions having no foreign transaction fees.

  2. Which card is the best for International Transactions?

    An international travel card such as Niyo Global is the best for International transactions.

  3. Which cards are eligible for International Transactions?

    Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and international travel cards are eligible for International Transactions.

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