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If you are getting ready to apply for a Canadian Visa, you might have a bunch of concerns about how to get your Canada Visa. What are the Canada visa photo size requirements? What should be the Canada Visa photo specifications?

The visa photo requirements vary across countries worldwide and can cause confusion.

But don’t worry. We got you covered. We have thoroughly researched every detail regarding the Canada Visa Photo Size and specifications so that you don’t have to. Let’s jump right into it.

Format And Dimensions For Canada Visa Photo For Indians

  • The frame of a passport photo must be  35 mm by 45 mm (1 3/8′′ x 1 3/4′′). The images must show the face in the center, the shoulders’ tops, and the entire front of the head.
  • In addition, the skull’s circumference must fall between 31 mm and 36 mm (1 7/16″).
  • If the previous photographs do not meet the standards, you must produce new ones before completing your application.
  • The photos must be printed on superior black and white photographic paper and be identical.
  • They should not be older than 6 months. 

Lighting, contrast, and facial expression for Canada Visa Photo for Indians

The lighting in a photo submitted for a Canada visa should show the applicant’s face without casting any shadows.

The image shouldn’t appear foggy, dark, or too bright due to the contrast. The applicant’s entire face should be visible in the photograph for Canada visa and evenly lit.

The applicant’s face and shoulders must also be in the middle and facing the camera directly.

To check the correct facial expression, don’t miss these specifications-

  • The applicant’s eyes should be open, and their teeth should not be showing. The candidate’s face can be neutral or can smile a little. His/her head orientation is also crucial.
  • The applicant’s head should be in the middle of the image, facing the camera directly. No facial hair should be on the applicant’s face, and the eyes and other facial features should be visible.
  • Make sure your entire face is visible by framing yourself within the image. Make sure your eyes are open and facing directly toward the camera.


Resolution for Canada Visa Photo for Indians

As mentioned, the Canada Visa photo size should be 35mm by 45mm or at least 500 pixels by 705 pixels (width by height). It must be of high quality.


Glasses Or Head Covering For Canada Visa Photo For Indians

If a candidate is wearing spectacles, they must ensure that the lens is not visible due to a camera flash. Additionally, their eyes should be open and unobscured by their glasses. 

Except when worn for religious purposes, all headgear and hats are inappropriate in all situations.


The religious garment shouldn’t cover the applicant’s face. An applicant who only wears white for religious reasons, they can take the photograph against a light blue background.


Canada Visa Photo for Babies and Children

A child or infant applying with you must also have their visa photos submitted with the application. Depending on the visa type you and your child seek, these images must meet the same conditions as those listed above.

The Canadian Embassies will be laxer in their standards because they understand that taking pictures of infants and young children can be challenging. They do, however, often anticipate your compliance. Here are some specifications on how to obtain a picture of the child or infant that satisfies the criteria of Canada embassy photo size:

  • The background must be clear or white; therefore, it’s preferable to place a white sheet under the baby or over the car seat.
  • You can position the baby lying down or in a car seat.
  • Your hands must not be visible in the images if you are holding your infant.
  • Try to take the picture with the baby’s face in the center and their mouth closed. 

Requirements For A Canada Visa Photo Size 2023

Specifications for Canada Visa Photo for Temporary Residents

  • You must provide the right photo with your application to acquire a temporary Resident visa to Canada, in addition to all the other required paperwork.
  • You must include two self-portraits with the visa application. You will have to submit them again if the requirements still need to be met. Your application will be accepted if you submit your images, and you will have to start the process over again, including paying the Canada visa application expenses.
  • The mouth must be closed, and the face must be specifically square to the camera with a neutral facial expression—neither smiling nor frowning.
  • Before the further process of your application, you must supply fresh images if the old ones do not adhere to the requirements.


Canada Visa photo specifications for Indians

  • They should be crystal clear and free of any blurriness.
  • The background must be pure white or a light hue. The background must be clear with no patterns.
  • Pictures should not be digitally altered.
  • The subject’s face needs to be centered in the frame. It shouldn’t be too far or too close, and only your shoulders should be visible.
  • Maintain a neutral facial expression, keeping your mouth closed and not grinning or frowning.
  • If you wear glasses, the frames and lenses cannot be tinted or make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed


Specifications for a Canada Visa Photo for Permanent Residents Applications

Photographs are required if you’re seeking Canadian citizenship or an immigration visa to become a permanent resident of Canada. There are a few differences between the requirements for these images and those for Temporary Resident Visas.

For permanent Canadian visas, there are several additional photo requirements.

  • Include two identical photos if you apply for citizenship or a permanent visa.
  • One photograph is required if you are asking for renunciation.
  • The Long-Term Visa for Canada has A photo’s frame with at least 55 millimetres by 7 millimetres (2 inches by 2 34 inches) in size.
  • The head size in the photo must be between 31 mm and 36 mm (1 1/4″ and 1 7/16″) from the top to the chin.
  • You must write your name on the back of the picture.
  • The photo’s back must also bear the stamp or handwritten information for the photo studio, including its name and address.
  • The photographer must put their name and last name to their signature.


Your application will only be accepted if the images comply with these conditions, and you must submit fresh ones.



Canada Student Visa

One of the most challenging visas for overseas students is the Canada Visa. Canada is the third-largest country for immigration and international students. But the entire visa application process seems drawn out and challenging. It might be a difficult task. The documentation and immigration processes are often a problem for international students.


Canada Student Visa Photo Requirements

Anyone can click your photos, which can be either black and white or coloured.

Photos must be:

  • Crystal clear, sharp, and in focus.
  • Neutral expression, with the mouth closed and the eyes open.
  • Uniform lighting, free of glare or flash reflections.
  • Click straight on, with the face and shoulders squared to the camera.
  • Taken in front of a light-coloured or plain white background, with a difference between the background and the face.
  • Reflect natural skin tones and
  • Must be original. 

Process to submit your Canada Student Visa Photo

Two identical Canadian passport-style pictures that adhere to the following requirements must be there:


  • Canada Student Visa photo size requirements are 50 mm wide by 70 mm high.
  • Your face’s photo should be on a plain, superior photo paper, and the distance between the chin and the natural top of the head should be between 31 mm (1 1/4 inches) and sharp 36 mm (1 7/16 inches).

On the back of one of the images, you must provide the following information:

  • The full name of the person in the picture.
  • The date you clicked the photo (not the day of printing it).
  • The signature and date of the guarantor.


To take the perfect biometric photo, I hope this blog has benefited you. You are now prepared to apply for a Canada Visa. 

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What size photo is required for Indians to apply for  a visa to Canada?

For Temporary Residents, the Canada Visa photo size must be 35mm by 45mm, whereas for permanent residents, it should be 31mm by 36mm. For students, the photo size should be 50mm by 70mm.


What is the Canada Visa fee for Indians?

Student Visa – Rs. 9,079.78

Work Visa – Rs. 9,382.44

Visitor Visa – Rs. 6,053.19

Temporary Resident Visa – Rs. 12,106.8

Permanent Visa – Rs. 95,915.52

What documents are required to apply for a Canada Visa?

  • Candidate’s passport.
  • Correct Canada visa application form.
  • Photographs according to the photo requirements for a Canada visa.
  • Identity and Civil Status Documents.
  • Proof of Canada visa fees payment.
  • Evidence of clean criminal record.
  • Proof of sound health via a medical exam.
  • A cover letter to explain in detail the purpose of your visit to Canada.
  • Letter of invitation to Canada.
  • Evidence of your financial stability..
  • Proof that you will come back once the Canadian visa expires.


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