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Invest the Change : Turn your spare change into investments effortlessly

The first lesson in saving

Did you ever have a piggy bank as a child? A place to stash spare pocket change from your parents or gift money from relatives? Saving up, little by little, is amongst the earliest financial lessons for most of us, with the reward being the ability to buy a favourite book or that video game that a friend had been bragging about. 

Of course, as we grow older, things don’t remain quite so simple. Many millennials find money matters quite confusing and tricky to keep up with. While many find parking their money in fixed deposits the easiest and safest choice, in a tussle to avoid making tough decisions about their money, they often miss out on opportunities to get attractive returns. While we are learning to save money to achieve our individual goals, building a habit of saving regularly is the need of the hour, and the sooner we get to it, the better.

Do you think it takes a lot of money to start investing? Think again!

What if you could set aside small amounts to invest every time you purchased a coffee at Starbucks or bought something from Amazon or anywhere else for that matter?  

That’s right, now you only need your spare change to get started. 


NiyoX brings you Invest the Change (ITC), a digital piggy bank solution to put your spare change to use. ITC is a micro-investing tool for millennials who want to save and invest in mutual funds in small amounts. 

While discussing the ways the NiyoX “Invest the Change” feature is all set to revolutionize the way millennials can develop investing habits, Ankur Choudhary, VP Product at Niyo shares that:

“We all want to save but most of us struggle with setting aside a sum of money at the beginning of the month for investments. And before we know it, we have spent our entire salary. As a result, we don’t end up saving anything. With ‘Invest the Change’, we have solved that problem. All NiyoX customers opting for ITC can now spend guilt-free, as with every spend they would be setting aside their spare change for investments. There are no commitments whatsoever and customers can withdraw their saved money any time they want while enjoying returns higher than their savings account. It’s absolutely the easiest way for young earners to start their investment journey.”

ITC allows you to round up all your spending (food order, cab fares, OTT subscriptions, fund transfers etc.) made with your NiyoX account to the next 10, 50, or 100 rupees and save the spare change. Any transactions made in person at the store, online, via UPI, and via fund transfer – basically, all debits in your savings account (except for mutual fund investments) – count as spends. The spare change that gets created with each of these spends, keeps accumulating. The moment the accumulated change reaches the INR 100 threshold, it automatically gets invested in a mutual fund of your choice.

How does “Invest the Change” work?

In just one click you can switch on ITC on the NiyoX app and make a few simple choices: pick the level you want to round up purchases (10/50/100) and the mutual fund scheme you’d like to invest in. We make selecting a mutual fund easy for you with our curated list of recommendations. Once you make these choices, the auto-debit spare change works like a charm and the investment is done automatically without you breaking a sweat.

How does rounding up work?

Consider you order your lunch on Swiggy and spend INR 205. In your ITC settings, you have opted to round up your purchases to the next 50, so you would have INR 45 in spare change that will start adding up towards your investment pool in ITC. With subsequent purchases, once the spare change total reaches INR 100 (ITC threshold), the amount will automatically get deducted from your NiyoX digital savings account and invested into the mutual fund scheme you chose earlier.
You only need to go about living your life, as usual, using your NiyoX account to make purchases like you always do – we’ll take care of the rest. Your minimum roundup change can be as low as INR 1 and still make a difference.


Start small: ITC helps you build a saving habit by clubbing it with your spending. Spare change investing allows even beginners and small-time investors to invest in mutual fund schemes with limited investments. The minimum roundup change can be as low as INR 1, investing couldn’t get easier than this!

Nurture save and invest habit:  ITC builds a disciplined approach to save and invest on the NiyoX app where accumulating and investing spare change is fully automated. You can now spend guilt-free since you are saving with each spend. The simple one-time setup process makes it easy to set it and forget about it. 

Easy investing: NiyoX  is a 2-in-1 account, the perfect bundle of a high-interest savings account and investments platform. One account does it all –  have to sign up on or switch between different accounts.

Easy tracking: The mechanism to track your spending, accumulated spare change, and the subsequent investment is all in one place. 

Flexibility: At any point in time you can change your rounding up limits to adjust how much spare change you would like to add to ITC. 

While we wouldn’t want you to miss out on opportunities to turn your spare change into investments, should you ever feel the need or if you are ready to take on bigger investments, you can also switch this feature on/off with a single tap.

The Invest the Change feature is designed to jumpstart and promote a regular saving and investing discipline for the new and small investors who have yet to build the habit or do not feel ready to make larger investments on a regular basis. Our users who have been actively making regular investments for a long time believe that ITC is a great way to maximize their savings.  

With the ITC feature, NiyoX aims to help build a rhythm and routine that can guide you until saving and investing become your second nature and you are confident enough to take a leap into making bigger investments.

What are you waiting for? Click here to Invest the Change right away and take charge of your finances: 

Happy investing!

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