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Living in Canada can be an excellent experience for Indian families. The snow-capped mountains and beautiful sceneries can mesmerise anyone. But despite all the natural beauty and ease of life, one must be aware of the costs of living in Canada. The total cost of living in Canada for a family depends on several factors like the city you choose to live in and your lifestyle. For instance, if you choose to live in Vancouver or Toronto, the overall living expenses in Canada will be significantly higher. Let us help you understand more about the average cost of living in Canada. 

Visa Processing and Passport Fees

To enjoy life in Canada for Indian families, securing a Canadian visa is mandatory. When you apply for a student visa, the visa processing fees will be around CAD 100, whereas,a permanent residence visa fees will be around CAD 550.

Education Costs

To analyze life in Canada for Indian families or students, you should also factor in education costs while figuring out the monthly expenses in Canada. 
Discipline Average fee for UG Course (Annually) Average fee for PG Course (Annually)
Pharmacy CAD 32,886 CAD 10,500
Architecture CAD 22,100 CAD 20,000
Engineering CAD 26,582 CAD 15,800
Computer Science CAD 25,000 CAD 13,000
Business Management  CAD 23,500 CAD 20,000 
Tuition fees in educational institutions across Canada are slightly high. However, they are lower than other countries like the UK, the USA, and Australia. University fees are known to increase slightly yearly. At the same time, you might observe differences in the tuition fees depending on a particular city or course. For instance, in Newfoundland, you would find some of the cheapest universities in the country. On the other hand, Ontario has some of the most expensive universities. 

Housing Expenses

While living in the country as an Indian family, it is imperative for you to know about the total cost of living in Canada per month to manage your overall monthly budget. The housing expenses will depend on the  type of accommodation and the location you choose. For instance, in major cities like Vancouver and Toronto, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be between CAD 1200 and CAD 2000. The average monthly expenses in Canada on housing in smaller towns and cities can be relatively lower. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment can be between CAD 600 and CAD 800 per month. Here is a brief rundown of the average rent in Canada per month for an apartment in different cities
City  1 Bedroom  2 Bedroom
Vancouver $2,500 $3,630
Toronto $2,257 $3,259
Ottawa $1,767 $2,206
Calgary  $1,583 $1,934
Montreal $1,543 $1,958

Food Expenses

Food expenses will vary depending on your dietary and lifestyle choices. On average, an individual can expect an expense of around CAD 200 per month on groceries. If you have a  family of four members, you can expect grocery expenses to be around CAD 900.  Here’s a comparison of food costs in different cities of the country:
Monthly Food Cost  Ontario Quebec Alberta Nova Scotia  Newfoundland
CAD 260 CAD 250 CAD 270 CAD 235 CAD 255

Transportation Expenses

The costs of public transportation in Canada will vary depending on the city in which you live. For instance, the monthly public transport pass in Toronto costs around CAD 150, whereas in  Vancouver, it is around CAD 241 per month.  Transportation forms an integral part of the average cost of living in Canada. 
Modes  Average Monthly Cost
Subway monthly pass CAD 65 to CAD 99 
Bus monthly pass CAD 100 to CAD 150
Taxi (1km)  CAD 40 to CAD 50
If you have to compare transportation costs across different cities of Canada, you will find that Ontario leads the way. Public transportation in Ontario can cost around CAD 200 every month. While living in Quebec, the public transport tickets can cost around CAD 86 monthly. At the same time, opting to travel by cabs can cost around CAD 19 per trip. Health Insurance When you are in Canada on a work permit, your employer has the responsibility of providing you health insurance coverage. When you arrive in Canada as a student, it is recommended that you buy health insurance coverage from a reliable provider.  The total cost of health insurance varies depending on the level of coverage and the provider. It could cost you around CAD 4000 annually.  Taxes  If you plan on becoming a permanent resident of the country, while arriving at the average expenses in Canada, you should also factor in the taxes you are liable to pay. The federal government typically charges a GST (Goods & Service Tax) of 5 percent. Additionally, there are several provinces that charge a PST (Provincial Sales Tax) of 7-10 percent. Here’s a quick province-wise comparison of taxes:
City or Province GST PST
Alberta 5%
British Columbia 5% 7%
Quebec 5% 9.9%
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Living in Canada can improve your overall lifestyle as a family. To minimise your living expenses in Canada -especially as a student, you can make the most of the perks offered by the Niyo Global card, that will make your stay convenient and comfortable while managing your average monthly expenses in Canada. With advanced features like zero forex markup, real-time in-app Currency Converter, addition of money in INR and ease of spending anywhere in stores and online, and so more, you can leverage its benefits while living abroad.
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