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Singapore, the south-eastern lion city, is amongst the list of best countries for tourism, luxury, education, job opportunities, and lush green landscapes. Despite its dense population, Singapore has earned recognition worldwide.

Are you planning to shift to Singapore? Or planning to go abroad for higher studies?

Want to get an estimate of the cost of living in Singapore for an Indian?

We are here to shed light on some of the most important aspects about the cost of living in Singapore for Indians and provide you with how much money you need for a comfortable living. Although Singapore is a bit more expensive than other countries worldwide, the living expenses will be almost similar if you can manage your funds wisely. Focusing on the cost of living for an Indian family, as discussed above, Singapore will be a bit costly compared to others. As a traveler, it is always advisable to keep your wallet packed with forex card and Niyo Global Card should be there as you will need it endless time during your travel as it gives free access to the Airport Lounge, no extra fee while doing transactions, 24X7 support and much more.

An Overview of Living Expenses in Singapore for Indian Family

The estimated cost of living in Singapore for an Indian family is 4,400 SGD – 5,600 SGD without rent. This figure is for a family of four. It may vary according to your needs, lifestyle, the city you choose, and the place or university you are studying in. So here is a rough overview of living expenses in Singapore for Indian family:

FactorsAverage Cost per Month


  • Rented Property
  • Buying Property
  • 942 SGD-4,709 SGD
  • 2,018 SGD-8,072 SGD
Food and Groceries270 SGD per person
Transportation100 SGD-120 SGD per person 
Household Bills5,140 SGD
Entertainment90 SGD-200 SGD per person
Miscellaneous300 SGD-400 SGD per person 

Note: 1 SGD (Singapore Dollar) is equal to ₹61.60 (as of 3rd January 2023). 

Let’s explore the points mentioned above in depth. It will give you a better clarity about the Singapore living cost for an Indian family. 


Families moving to Singapore will spend the major portion of their income on rent or purchasing a decent living space. You will invest a major part of the cost of living in Singapore for an Indian family in accommodation. It will vary according to what you want, i.e. living in a rented property or buying a property. 

For Rental Accommodation: 

Type of AccommodationAverage Rent
HDB flat (shared) or condo apartment940 SGD-2,700 SGD
Studio apartment2,018 SGD-6,054 SGD

HDB (House Development Board) flats are generally more affordable than condo apartments. Most of the people of Singapore live in HBD flats. Typically, it consists of two-room to five-room apartments.

Condo apartments have several additional private facilities—a gym, swimming pool, BBQ pits, playgrounds, and security guards at the entrance.

On the other hand, Studio apartments have everything available in a single room beside the bathroom. It comprises a separate bathroom.

So, initially if you want budget-friendly accommodation, go for an HDB flat with everything an Indian family requires.


For Buying a property:

Type of AccommodationAverage Rent
Resale property6,73,000 SGD-40,40,000 SGD
Private property17,50,000 SGD and above

For a family shifting newly, living expenses in Singapore for Indians in terms of accommodation, buying a property will be costly initially. Buy only if you are sound financially and can handle a high expense in the initial days.

 Apart from the type of accommodation you choose, Singapore living cost for Indians also depends upon the area you are living in. 

Type of AreaMonthly Rent
Normal Area (900 sqft)SGD 5,495
Expensive Area (900 sqft)SGD 6,695


Food is an essential factor for life in Singapore for an Indian family as it depends on accessibility to Indian food and groceries. Singapore food has a very different taste from Indian flavours. So you must check whether your basic groceries are available in the vicinity. Here is an estimate of the latest cost of food and beverages. 

500 g (1 lb) boneless chicken breastSGD 13
1 litre (1 qt) whole fat milkSGD 4.57
12 eggs, largeSGD 5.71
1 kg (2 lb) potatoesSGD 3.96
500 g (16 oz) local cheeseSGD 17
1 kg (2 lb) tomatoes  SGD 4.49
Bread for 2 people for 1 day SGD 2.81
1 kg (2 lb) applesSGD 5.65
Combo meal in a fast food restaurant (big mac meal or similar)SGD 11
500 ml (16 oz) domestic beer in the supermarket   SGD 7

Singapore also has some grocery stores which carry Indian foods. These stores will make living in Singapore for Indians a bit more comfortable.


 The cost of living will also include transportation expenses. A person doing a job, a student studying in university or travelling for entertainment will require a mode of transportation. The average amount needed according to the distance is here below.  

Mode of TransportationTicket cost (per person)
Volkswagen golf 1.4 tsi 150 cv (or equivalent), with no extrasSGD 164,162
Monthly ticket public transportSGD 154
1 litre (1/4 gallon) gasSGD 3.32
Taxi 1 km normal tariffSGD 1.5 
Cabs (minimum cost)SGD 4 

Young people or students must prefer taking a bus or a public transport vehicle or simply cycling around the city. It will save cost and will also help in your healthy physique. Moreover, picking an accommodation near your job or university will make living in Singapore for Indians pocket-friendly.


Now let’s take a look at the essential utilities which are required for a comfortable life in Singapore for Indians—electricity, cooling, heating, water, garbage, TV, insurance, WiFi, etc. The cost of these household bills is a significant element of the cost of living. In case of rental accommodations, some of these costs might be included in their rental agreement while others might not. So here is the average cost of expenses in Singapore for an Indian family.   

BillsAverage Cost Per Month
Electricity, cooling, heating, water, garbageSGD 180 
Unlimited internet packageSGD 48 
Local prepaid mobile tariff (1 min)SGD 0.8 
40’’ flat screen TVSGD 696
Microwave 800/900 wattSGD 189
Hourly rate for cleaning helpSGD 23

These are some basic facilities which a Singapore resident may require. Moreover, there might be some additional or fewer facilities in the household bills. 


Life is not just about living between jobs and responsibilities. It means making time for yourself or your inner intellectual strength. Having a social life is as important as having food for your body.

So here are the costs of some typical entertainment options for a fulfilling life in Singapore for Indians.

Entertainment OptionsAverage Cost
2 tickets to the movies          SGD 30
2 tickets to the theater (best available seats)SGD 208
1 month of gym membership in business districtSGD 197
Three-course meal in a mid-range restaurantSGD 80 
Dinner for two at an italian restaurant SGD 181
Cappuccino in expat area of the citySGD 7
1 beer in a neighbourhood pub (500 ml or 1 pt)   SGD 12
1 hour rent for a tennis courtSGD 13 


So far we have discussed a few of the living expenses in Singapore for Indians. The amount each family spends may differ. In addition to that, there might be some small expenses from time to time. It could be shopping, stationary, books, novels, personal care items, medicines, etc. The essential cost of such expenses are mentioned in the table below.

Miscellaneous ItemsAverage Cost
Shopping SGD 150-SGD 250
Cold medicine for 6 days (tylenol, frenadol, coldrex, or equivalent brands)SGD 14
4 rolls of toilet paper  SGD 4.52
Books & StationerySGD 32 
Others SGD 100-SGD 150

The average cost mentioned above for books and stationery is the average cost of living in Singapore for an Indian bachelor. The books required other than those provided by the university.

To conclude, these were the basic expenses in Singapore for an Indian family. So if you are planning to relocate with your family, you must include all the above primary components to your expenses. You must calculate the average according to the number of members in your family and the lifestyle you want to maintain.

To calculate the cost of living in Singapore for an Indian bachelor, calculate easily from the table above. Mostly, all the costs mentioned above are calculated for one person. Just the university cost will be added extra. Secondly, don;’t miss out on the various discounts you can avail of with your student ID. 


How much money is required for a student?

Generally, it costs 10,000 SGD for a student to study in Singapore. It may vary according to level, i.e. 10th or 12th or higher studies. Singapore students also get subsidies in some universities and free education in public schools (limited to Singapore residents only).

How much money can a student earn in Singapore?

There is a possibility that students will earn between $1,000 and $2,500 per month. International students in Singapore can choose from various occupations and earning opportunities. Indian bachelors can cover their basic living expenses in Singapore by taking up a part-time job.  

What are the discounts available for Indians in Singapore?

Universities which provide higher education and schools till the 12th, offer education discounts to Singapore residents as well as non-Singapore residents. Also, many stores and companies offer additional student discounts while shopping. Almost every store in the present era provides you with extra discounts; you must know to avail of them. It will help in effectively managing the cost of living in Singapore for Indians. 

Is there any locality available in which Indians reside in Singapore?

Many individuals/families  prefer a neighbourhood where almost all Indians who have shifted to Singapore reside, known as Indian Singaporeans. It will make living in Singapore for Indians simple.

Most Indians choose to reside in Little India, a district located east of the Singapore river.  So if you prefer to settle among Indians, this could be a good option for you.


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