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Blog Outline

The United Kingdom has always served as one of the most sought-after destinations for international students from all parts of the world. This has particularly been true for students from the EEA (European Economic Area), the EU (European Union), and Switzerland. Due to BREXIT, new policies now apply to all Swiss and EU/EEA students from 2021. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the total living costs in London. 

If you wish to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom, it is important to understand the overall cost of living in the UK. The living expenses in the UK for international students can vary depending on multiple factors. On top of that, monthly expenses in the UK can go beyond your control if you don’t plan them. Now, let us help you understand the total cost of living in the UK per month.  


University Tuition Fees in the UK 

Tuition fees form an integral part of the average cost of living in the UK. Typically, two types of tuition fees are charged: 

  • The international fees paid by non-EU or EEA students 
  • Home status fees paid by local students 

At public UK universities, tuition costs can vary significantly. The international fee ranges between EUR 8000 and EUR 18,000 per year for international students. It will ultimately depend on the discipline type, the duration of studies, and the university.  

With respect to tuition fees at private universities in the United Kingdom, it is usually higher than that at public universities. However, these universities do not differentiate between non-EU/EEA and EU-EEA citizens. Students can expect to pay around EUR 5,000 and EUR 35,000 every academic year. If you wish to know about living costs in London in the form of tuition fees, you can expect to pay around £1,334 per month or £16,008 per year. According to the latest UK living cost index, Welsh capital Cardiff turns out to be the most affordable city for students in the UK. It is followed by Cambridge, Sheffield, and Southampton.  

If you wish to pursue your higher education from London, it is important to understand the cost of living in London for students. Tuition expenses form an integral part of the overall living costs in London for students.  

Study program Average Fee in GBP 
UG Program GBP 7,000 to GBP 20,000 
PG Program GBP 10,000 to GBP 25,000 
Doctoral program GBP 15,000 to GBP 30,000 

Student Living Costs in the UK 

Living cost in England as an international student is not cheap. The total living expenses in the UK for Indian students will ultimately depend on the area wherein you live. In most leading cities, like the cost of living in London for students, the monthly living cost in the UK can be more than EUR 1500. In smaller towns, you can expect average UK living expenses for students to be between EUR 700 and EUR 1200. 

Accommodation Costs 

If you wish to know the cost of living in London for Indian students, you can do some research beforehand. The total cost of living in London for students might vary depending on several factors like locality, type of accommodation, and so more. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can afford house rent in the UK when you plan your accommodation. 

Mode of Living London house rent Other UK Cities 
University Residence £727 £515 
Private Housing £848 £505 


Most universities offer access to residence halls for international students. These are quite affordable options. After the completion of the 1st academic year, students can consider renting a private space outside university. It is a slightly expensive option. For instance, a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre can cost around EUR 700. Monthly utilities can be around 100 EUR every month. 

The major difference in the cost of accommodation in London in comparison to other cities is with respect to rent. As per an estimate, the University College London (UCL) has a per-week rent of around £148. On the other hand, students in Northern Ireland tend to spend only around £99 per week on rent. In the main London city, the cost can go up to £185 per week.  

Food Costs  

Food can take up a big chunk of your London monthly expenses. Grocery prices in the UK can really surprise you at times. Students can consider spending around EUR 200 on food & groceries every month. If you choose eating out, the cost of living in London for Indian students will eventually rise.  

Transportation Costs 

To commute on a daily basis, you can choose between public transport or private transport. Most universities offer discounts on public transport. The discounts might vary between regions and cities. To analyze the cost of living in London for Indian students, it is important to go through transportation expenses. 

City Average Monthly Costs 
London  £56 
Manchester  £47 
Birmingham £45 
Liverpool £45 

How can Niyo Global Help International Students in the UK? 

Living abroad as an international student can be challenging –especially when it comes to managing your finances like total cost of living in the UK per month. You require access to a continuous flow of money with seamless currency conversion. In this aspect, a global travel card like Niyo Global card can help. You can maximize your saving as an international student by understanding the living expenses in UK and leveraging the following features of the Niyo Global card: 

  • Zero forex markup for saving around 3-5% on all forex transactions 
  • 6.5 percent interest PA to maximize savings with monthly interest payouts 
  • Addition of money in INR and ease of spending anywhere 
  • Real-time in-app currency converter 
  • In-app ATM locator 


Living abroad and managing UK monthly expenses can be overwhelming. If you are an Indian student planning to study abroad, Niyo Global Card serves to be your one-stop destination to help you save money in the long run. The global card with Visa comes with additional features like zero forex markup, addition of money in INR and ease of spending anywhere, in-app ATM locator, real-time in-app currency converter. To top it all, Niyo Global Card comes with the advanced feature of zero balance savings account. 

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