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Student Life 101

Student life is fun (sometimes). It’s also crazy (sometimes). It can also get pretty hectic (sometimes).

As a student, you must realise that there are a myriad of things that become a part of your daily life. With this, comes a lot of clutter. So the question is, how do you clear that clutter? How do you laser down to the points that you know will help you grow as a student? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

From building connections for improving your career aspects to sorting out your daily commute, this blog will help you stay on top of your student life. So let’s get started!

Why and How To Build Connections as a Student

The ‘why’ of it, we’ll sum it up in one line. It is the most effective method for landing a job in the US.

What is your ultimate goal to travel overseas for education?

To build connections and land a great job, right?

Networking will help you do precisely that.

Okay, now that we have covered the ‘why’ of it, let’s talk about the ‘how’. How do you build connections in college that’ll help you in the future?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Use LinkedIn To Your Advantage

There is no surprise in the fact that LinkedIn is the most sought-after networking platform for professionals. However, the surprise is the simplicity of building connections on LinkedIn.

A lot of people overcomplicate things and end up sounding either too robotic or nervous while sending connection messages. The key is to keep it simple.

A simple “Hi my name is X, I study Y, what about you? Let’s connect, we have similar interests” can work way better than something like “Hi, I’ve been trying to connect with you for a long time, I feel like I can be of help….”

Keep it simple and sweet.

Keep A Lookout On Your College Career Centre

Your campus career centre has more resources than you think. If you ever feel like “Do I really need the assistance of my college career centre” just read this “YES, YES YOU DO”.

Here are some things your College Career Centre can help you with:

  • Find open internship requests brought in by alumni.
  • Tips and tricks to build your professional online presence.
  • Get information about upcoming job exhibitions.


Be Up For New Connections, Always

While there are some conventional sources for building networks, you need to realise that a connection opportunity can come from anywhere. For all you know, you could be standing at a boss stop and overhear a professor talking about a job opening in your field.

Just keep your eyes open, and don’t hesitate to connect with new people on the go.

Why Do You Need To Learn How To Buy Groceries Effectively?

Alright, what’s as important as building good relations with working professionals? Building a good relationship with your kitchen. How do you do it? By sorting out your groceries and cooking healthy, yet exciting meals on a daily basis.

The importance of effective grocery shopping is highly underrated. A lot of you might think that you don’t need to buy groceries regularly because you can just order takeout food 4 times a week. Well, let us paint a picture for you.

An average fast food item has almost 1,100 to 1,600 calories. This is almost the total of an average women’s daily requirement (1,600 to 2,400) calories and two third of an average men’s daily requirement (2,000 to 3,000 calories)

On the other hand, cooking at home allows you to ensure that the portion sizes and calorie counts are much lower.

A range of basic ingredients comes at a cheaper price as compared to a single restaurant dish. Moreover, the basic ingredients can help you cook at least 3-4 dishes that you can spread out during the whole week.

These are the two most important reasons that stress the necessity of taking the effort to plan out your groceries. But, how do you go about buying groceries? Keep reading to find out.

How To Buy Groceries On A Budget?

As discussed in the previous section of the blog, some things should be kept short and simple. So here’s a short and simple list of tips that’ll help you shop for groceries effectively on a budget.

  1. Use online shopping for non-perishable items like protein bars and chips.
  2. Buy perishable items in small portions.
  3. Buy only in-season fruits and vegetables to save money.
  4. Buy items like cereal and milk in bulk.
  5. Limit buying ready-to-eat food items.
  6. Keep a grocery budget, and stick to it.

Sorting Out Your Daily Travel

Travelling from your apartment to college can be one of the most tedious and boring things to do every day. The urge to take a cab is something understandable, but not financially viable.

In the final part of this blog, we’d like to share how public transportation can help you save money and time.

Mass Travel Is Ideal For Students

College students living near campus are designed to enjoy the benefits of public  transport. Given the centralised location, paying and locating for parking can be a tedious and expensive job. However, public transport provides most students to travel to and fro from college at an extremely economical and time-saving rate.

Public Transport Allows Better Prioritisation Of Time

Public transport makes it mandatory for you to stick to a tight schedule. It allows students to be more dedicated to catching up on assignments or studying more in between classes (instead of hanging out in the student centre) because they want to get as much done while they’re on campus. Developing such time skills can have significant effects that enhance academic success, professional performance and quality of life.

These are some of the hidden benefits of taking public transport. Other than this, the overarching fact is that taking public transit instead of driving can help you save up to $10,000 in a year. ​​

Wrapping It Up

Being a student comes with its own set of challenges, especially when you’re living on your own. However, being smart about your daily proceedings, and planning your daily tasks can help you overcome most of these challenges.

We hope this blog helps you take a step ahead in your student life.

Got questions? Our community is here to help you out.

Until next time,


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