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Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia? Don’t just settle for a visa, make sure you’re fully prepared with a Niyo Travel Card.

Getting a visa is an important hurdle while planning a foreign trip, as thousands of visas get rejected due to errors in documents, photos, not meeting the eligibility criteria, etc. Saudi Arabia is stringent regarding visas, and you must be perfect in all terms, like Saudi passport size photo specifications, while applying for Saudi Visa.

Confused about the specifications of the Saudi Arabia photo size? We got you covered.

Read on to find all the information regarding the Saudi visa photo requirements so that you can apply for a visa hassle-free.

Format and Dimensions for Saudi Visa Photo for Indians

The format and dimensions of passport-size photos are crucial for the successful approval of the Saudi Visa. 

  • The overall dimensions of the photo for a Saudi Visa are 35 mm x 45 mm. 
  • The face should be 70-80% visible in the photo for authentication purposes. 
  • The applicant should stand straight and look at the camera directly while getting a photo clicked. 
  • All the facial elements and expressions should be visible in the photo. 
  • The hairstyle for the photo should be decent. 
  • The face should be at the center of the photo.
  • The picture should be at most six months old.

Lighting, Contrast, and Facial Expression for Saudi Visa photo

Lighting and contrast play a critical role in clicking pictures for the Saudi Visa. Here are a few tips that you could follow while clicking an image for the Saudi Visa: 

  • The lighting should be enough to focus on the face’s details, expressions, and elements. 
  • The picture should not be gloomy, dark, hazy, or dull. 
  • The photographer should evenly light the applicant’s face in the picture. 
  • The face and shoulders of the applicant should be evenly portrayed in the picture. 
  • Ensure that the photo you upload for the Saudi Visa should not be over-contrasted or over-brightened.

Apart from lighting and contrast, facial expressions play a critical role in approving a photo for a Saudi visa. Some aspects that you should consider for Saudi visa picture are: 

  • The eyes of the applicant should be wide open in the photograph. 
  • A mild or gentle smile is enough for the photograph. 
  • The orientation of the head is crucial for clicking a photo. Make sure that your head orientation is perfect for connecting the image. 
  • Hair should not fall or cover the face of the applicant. 
  • Avoid any accessories while clicking the photograph. 

Resolution for Saudi Visa Photo for Indians

The resolution of a photo for a Saudi Visa can play a critical role in the visa approval process. Make sure that the shot should be 200 x 200 pixels. Also, the image’s dimensions should be 35mm x 45 mm. The picture you upload for the visa approval process must be of good quality. 

Glasses or Head Coverings for Saudi Visa Photo

Be careful about the glasses or head coverings while clicking photos for the Saudi Visa. If an applicant wears glasses or spectacles, they should ensure that the flash on the glasses should not affect the visibility of the eyes. Apart from spectacles, head coverings are only allowed in cases of religious beliefs and practices. All other forms of headgear are restricted while clicking a photo for a Saudi visa. 

Ensure that the head coverings or gears do not affect visibility of the applicant’s face.

Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Guidelines for Infants and Children

The Saudi government presents thorough guidelines for child and baby applicants. Some critical aspects that you should consider while clicking photos of babies and children for a Saudi visa are – 

  • The child or baby applicants must be awake while clicking the pictures for the Visa. 
  • The background must be white or clear for better looks and decency in the Saudi Visa photo. 
  • The baby or infant must be in a sitting position in the Photograph. 
  • No accessories should be visible in the photo, including pacifiers, caps, toys, etc. 
  • Headgear is not allowed except for religious beliefs or practices. 
  • The mouth of the babies should be closed while clicking the photograph. 

Specifications for Uploading Photos for Saudi Visa in 2022

As an applicant, you must follow specific guidelines while uploading photos. There are some constraints that you need to follow to avoid the rejection of your visa. The guidelines for uploading Saudi Arabia visa photo size are as follows-

  • Format or size of the photograph

Saudi officials are stringent regarding the Saudi Visa photo size. You must upload a 200 X 200-sized formal photograph, and the picture size should be less than 100 kb. The face of the applicant must be visible, and the looks should be proper. A lack of decency in appearance can lead to the rejection of the application. The face should be well-centred, and the photo should not be more than six months old.

  • Background of the photograph

The photograph’s background plays a critical role in a visa application form. Maintain a white background in the photograph. Any patterns or prints can lead to rejection. Avoid shadows or marks in the background for smooth approval of the Saudi passport-size photo.

  • Expression of the applicant in the photograph

A gentle and calm expression creates a positive impact in the minds of the application reviewers. The applicant should look directly into the camera and avoid any tilted angles. The Saudi passport-size photo should be portrait styled. The applicant must ensure that all the elements of the face, like eyes, ears, nose, etc., are visible clearly.

  • Headwear or accessories

Apart from religious reasons, it is always advisable to prevent wearing any headwear or accessories while clicking photos for the Saudi Arabia visa photo. Always try to keep the looks formal while applying for a Saudi visa.

  • The lighting of the photograph

Lighting should be proper while clicking pictures for visas. Dim lighting can reduce the clarity of expressions and elements of the face. So, ensure that the area where you click the picture for the Saudi Visa is well lit.

  • Photos for Child Applicants

Saudi passport-size photo for child applicants must be clear and formal. Casual photographs can lead to rejections in the visa-granting process. Avoid toys, pacifiers, or other gadgets in the photograph. Also, maintain a clear background and look of the child while clicking the picture.

  • Colour Photos

Applicants must ensure that they upload colour photos to the website. Black and white photographs are not allowed in the visa application process.

  • Dimensions of the Photo

The Saudi visa photo size in cm is 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm. The Saudi government prescribes the measurements, and the applicants should follow the dimensions while uploading the photograph on their official portal.

  • Eyeglasses

The applicants planning to click their Saudi Arabia visa photo should avoid wearing eyeglasses or spectacles. 

By following these Saudi Arabia visa photo size guidelines, you can prevent errors or rejections in the visa approval process by the Saudi government.


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Do Indians need a visa to visit Saudi?

Indians do not need visas in advance to visit the provinces of Saudi Arabia. Visa on Arrival is availed for Indian citizens visiting Saudi. The Visa on Arrival is valid for 30 days.

What are the requirements for getting a Saudi Visa?

The requirements for getting a Saudi visa are:

  • Valid passport (for at least 6 months)
  • No criminal records
  • Valid documents
  • Clean BGV reports
  • Insurance

What is the fee for applying for a Saudi Visa?

Applicants must pay 440 SAR, including visa fees and insurance, to apply for a Saudi visa. The amount is equivalent to INR 9,800.

What is the Saudi Visa processing time?

The processing time for a Saudi Visa may vary based on the type of visa. The Saudi Visa gets approved in 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on priority, complexity, type of visa, tenure of stay, the reason for the visit, etc.

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