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Blog Outline

Blog Outline

Singapore is a captivating Asian destination known for being a global financial destination and for its fantastic architecture and culture. Visiting Singapore is on everybody’s bucket list. 

To visit Singapore, an Indian is required to get a visa. To understand the requirement of Singapore visas for Indians, knowledge of Singapore passport photo size is essential.

If you plan to go to Singapore, here’s all you need to do. 

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The process of obtaining a Singapore visa, from applying for it to finally receiving it, has many steps and can become overwhelming and stressful. If you plan to go to Singapore, here’s all you need to do. 

Here’s how to get a Singapore visa for Indians 

Format And Dimensions For Singapore Visa Photo For Indians 

Typically, the Singapore visa photo size should be 45 mm x 45 mm if you send a physical copy to the visa office or online.

Lighting, contrast, and facial expression for a Singapore Visa Photo for Indians 

The lighting in a photo used to apply for a visa to Singapore should reveal the applicant’s face without any shadows. 

The contrast shouldn’t make the image appear murky, dark, or overly brilliant. The applicant’s whole face should be captured in the picture, with even lighting. 

Additionally, the candidate must look directly into the camera and have their shoulders in the center.

Don’t overlook these requirements to ensure the appropriate facial expression: 

The candidate’s eyes must be open, and their teeth must not be visible. The candidate’s face may be expressionless or mildly amused. Also important is the direction of their head should be in the center of the photo, directly facing the camera. Facial hair should not be present.  

Quality of the photo 

Ensure to take the photo at a legitimate studio for better lighting and quality. In any case, for the photo on your Singapore visa, avoid capturing the picture with a mobile phone or selfies as they will not comply with the Singapore visa photo requirements. Some apps are made specially to take photographs in compliance with Singapore visa regulations. If you can only use a mobile camera to take your Singapore visa photograph, you could use such apps to help you out. Most of these apps are readily available and that too free of charge. 

Guidelines and criteria for newborns, babies, and infants Visa and passport photograph Singapore

Children and babies can be challenging to click, but note that every child, regardless of age, needs a passport or visa if you plan to take your family on vacation. 

A photo of each child must also back the application. Family or group photographs are not allowed. The requirements above also apply to kids. 

You can find some additional information on the subject below: 

  • No pacifiers, toys, or bottles are accepted. The baby should not hold anything in his/her hand or mouth. 
  • If you are holding the baby while taking the picture, your hands should not be visible in the picture. 
  • It is advisable to place a white sheet or cloth behind a baby lying down or sitting in a car seat so that the background looks clean. 
  • You must close the child’s mouth. Eyes must be open and address the camera directly. 
  • Their hands and legs should not be in front of their face. 
  • Ensure adequate focus and lighting. Blurry photos cannot be approved. 
  • Keep flash away from their eyes or use different angles to prevent red-eye.

Requirements For A Singapore Visa Photo Size 2022 

When submitting your Singapore visa photo, be as watchful as when you inspected the paperwork and applications when you applied for a visa. Your image should be free of mistakes as well. 

What type of photo is required? 

To begin with, the picture you submit for your Singapore visa needs to be completely new. At most, you should use three-month-old photos. Getting a new picture shot for your visitor visa would be best rather than using any previously taken pictures. A single person should be visible in the picture. You should not crop previous photographs to create the image. 

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind while getting your photo clicked for your visa 

  1. Shoot the image on a spotless white background. 
  1. You should take photos with a clear front-facing shot in ideal lighting. Any side-facing photograph or one tilted to a side would not be acceptable. 
  1. The lighting shouldn’t be too harsh, too dim, or produce glare or shadows. Take the photo away from a source of bright light when taking it. Avoid using bright lighting when taking the Singapore visa photo as it could change the aspects of your face and would not be suitable.
  1. The applicant’s face must be in sharp focus and not be in too close of proximity to the camera. You should set the camera at an appropriate distance to get the best shot. 
  1. You should not use elongated, warped, or mirror-flipped images. There must not be any pixelation or blur in the picture. Both the mouth and the facial expression should be neutral. The face should be straight with a formal smile. 
  1. If an applicant wears spectacles, they must ensure that the lens is not visible due to a camera flash. In addition, their eyes should be open and unobscured by their glasses. Any headgear or hats are inappropriate except those worn for religious purposes. 
  1. The religious garment should not cover the applicant’s face. For religious reasons, a candidate who always wears white can pose in front of a light blue backdrop. 
  1. The Beard of men is optional, but they should be well groomed. 
  2. Both eyes should be open and visible. 
  1. Red eyes shouldn’t be there in the shot. If your photo has red eyes, try taking one without a flash or changing the angle. 
  1. It is advisable to avoid applying any filters or picture editing tools to the images using any computer software or mobile applications. The applicant’s true skin tone and any marks or scars should be visible in the photos. 

If you have long hair or bangs on your forehead, ensure your hair is well-kept, so it does not impede your physical traits. Make it into a pony or clip them back so your face is visible in the photo and it does not cover your eyes. For instance, hair bangs might cover a scar and conceal it. The best option is to pin it up out of the face. Long hair that hangs over the shoulder or reaches the earlobes should be brushed away from the face. 

Reasons for rejection

There are numerous grounds for rejecting the Singapore visa photo. The Singapore embassy also has the right to ask for updated or fresh pictures. Among the causes could be: 

  • Cannot see the applicant’s face or eyes. 
  • The candidate needs to look directly at the camera. 
  • The image was cut or cropped from another picture. 
  • The candidate has an open mouth or visible teeth. 
  • Less than 70–80% of the applicant’s face is visible. 
  • The quality could be better. 
  • Instead of photographic paper, use regular paper to print the picture. 
  • The image does not have the other requirements 
  • The background colour needs to be corrected. 
  • You wear eyewear, a hat, or a cap.
  • There are marks on the physical copy. 


Never miss double-checking the do’s and don’ts of photographs while applying for a Singapore visa for Indians. In Spite of the age or reason behind visiting, all visitors to Singapore must submit a recent photo as per Singapore visa photo requirements. Because diplomatic officials take pictures very seriously, visa applicants should pay additional attention to this requirement. The Singapore visa may be delayed or denied entirely if the images do not meet the standards. It is strongly advisable to get a new photo shot per the Singapore visa photo requirements to remove any potential for error and be stress-free in this situation. 


  1. What is the calculated Singapore Visa cost for India based travellers? 

The visa processing fees of Singapore is 30 Singapore Dollars which is non refundable in any case. You may have to pay an additional 500 INR while processing. All the charges are payable during application. 

  1. How many days does it take to receive a Singapore Visa if all the specifications are correct?

The Singapore Visa application takes a minimum of three to five days, including the day of applying. You need to ensure that the Singapore visa size photo is correct so there is a lower possibility of rejection.

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