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Dare to Dream: Study Abroad With Scholarship For Indian Students


Studying abroad offers Indian students a world of opportunities to expand their horizons, gain international exposure, and receive a top-notch education. All true. And it also sounds pretty great as a travel opportunity. However, the financial aspect can be a major concern. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available to support your dreams of pursuing overseas education.

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Studying abroad offers Indian students a world of opportunities to expand their horizons, gain international exposure, and receive a top-notch education. All true. And it also sounds pretty great as a travel opportunity. However, the financial aspect can be a major concern. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available to support your dreams of pursuing overseas education.

Global Goals!

But here’s the problem!

Scholarship opportunities are endless. And it can get overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This blog will provide the starting point for your scholarship research by highlighting scholarship options and giving you tips to prepare yourself for your journey of transcending educational borders. We will cover the concept of study abroad with scholarships for Indian students in particular. But also some general options nonetheless! Let’s start popular international destinations for educational purposes.

Study and Scenery: Popular study destinations

Indians do play favorite when it comes to countries that we wish to study abroad in! In no particular order, we have the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. There are reasons for these. First of all, several top universities offering programs that Indian students would be interested in, including engineering, medical degrees, MBAs, etc., are in these countries. Yes, there are options for MBBS scholarships abroad for Indian students as well. Does fit into the dreams of the stereotypical South-Asian parent quite nicely! And then, there is the Indian disapora. These countries have a well-established network of Indian origin persons that definitely contribute to a new student’s acclimitation. Lastly, language barriers and cost of living are better known and indexed as compared to say, the Nordic countries. So while picking scholarships may be hard, picking the country that offers it isn’t. So here are some places to study abroad with scholarship for Indian students, with the backing of our very own government!

Scholarships for abroad studies by the Indian government

The Indian Government is very keen on sending students overseas! It is aware of the advantages of embarking on a journey of study abroad with scholarship for Indian students – not only for the students but also for the Indian resource pool as well! Talk about a win-win. We’re here to talk not only about government scholarships for abroad studies but also those merely initiated by the government with the aid of international organizations. Here are a few examples of a government scholarship for abroad studies
  1. National Overseas ScholarshipPowered by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, the National Overseas Scholarship scheme is targeted at lower-income households and members of the Scheduled Castes, De-notified Nomadic/ Semi-Nomadic Tribes, etc, as a scholarship for SC students to study abroad. It is the prime initiative as a scholarship for SC students to study abroad for their Masters and PhD courses, so they get to think ahead! The national overseas scholarship eligibility includes an age limit of 35 years, and an income ceiling of INR 8 lakh per annum. For further information on the National Overseas Scholarship Eligibility criteria, you can visit their well-informed website!
  2. The Fulbright-Nehru fellowshipA joint initiative to ensure opportunities that promote a study abroad with scholarship for Indian students! This abroad scholarship for Indian students is funded by a joint venture between the USA and Indian governments through the United States-India Educational Foundation or USIEF trust. It is a merit-based scholarship for Indian students looking to complete their Masters in Universities across the USA. It provides for J-1 USA student visa support, round trip flight fares, tuition fees to an extent and even living expenses for the student. It is a yearly abroad scholarship for Indian students awarded to select fields of study, including economics, public administration, journalism and mass communication, international legal studies, etc.
  3. Dr Ambedkar Scheme of Internet subsidy on educational loans for overseas studiesThis scholarship was introduced for students coming from other backward classes (OBC) or economically backward classes (EBC) who want to pursue higher education. This scholarship for abroad studies by the Indian government is keen on uplifting the sections of society that may not have active opportunities to pursue their goals otherwise. The larger chunk of general support for the Indian audience seems to come from the Universities and foreign governments itself! So let’s pay heed to those as well.

Partial and full scholarships to study abroad by universities and institutions abroad

If you have a dream university in mind, it might help to note whether they offer the opportunity to study abroad with scholarship for Indian students, specifically. There are, of course, regular merit-based scholarships like Rhodes that offer full scholarships to study abroad in the UK for international students. But, if you have a target university, it will help to streamline your application to cater to their requirements! Here are some universities across the globe that offer scholarships for Indian students. Make sure to take a detailed look at their processes before you settle on applying. 

To study in Europe:


  • UCD Global Graduate Scholarships: For Indian students! Thinking of studying at the renowned University College Dublin in Ireland? Look no further! These scholarships are your golden ticket to the Emerald Isle.


  • Campus France Charpak Scholarship: Mesdames et Messieurs, voilà! An opportunity for Indian students to master the art of studying in France at the master’s level. Psst, there’s even a Raman Charpak Scholarship for PhD students!


To study in Australia:

To study in the US:

  • Chicago Booth School of Business Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship and Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship: MBA aspirants, here’s one of your picks! The prestigious Chicago Booth School of Business is calling you. Win this full scholarship for MBA abroad and pave the way for a stellar career.
  • Cornell University Tata Scholarship to study abroad: Be a part of the Cornell family! This scholarship awaits Indian citizens aiming to pursue an undergraduate program at Cornell University. This Tata scholarship to study abroad is fairly well known among student! 
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian students: Business enthusiasts rejoice, for here’s your scholarship for MBA abroad! The Stanford Graduate School of Business with this scholarship. But remember, you have to return to India within two years to keep spreading the light, so don’t turn a this scholarship for MBA abroad into a work visa.

Here, there and everywhere: General scholarships

Here are some scholarships for international students that you may wish to apply for! These aren’t specific to Indian students, but are great options nonetheless! These include scholarships by the Ivy League universities of the USA and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) scholarships. We haven’t mentioned these here in the list because of their well-known nature. So here are some lesser known overseas graduate scholarships for you to check in with!

The prestigious Rhodes scholarship is a postgraduate awards given to outstanding students, including just five Indian students to study at Oxford University with the intention to promote selfless future global leaders. Rhodes offers a range of fields but is very popular as a scholarship for MBBS abroad!

The name is your key. Commonwealth. It provides for a Master’s and PhD. programme in the UK, offered by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission, through the British Council, to deserving students from the Commonwealth nations, of which India is a member.

Offered by the Government of UK for exceptional international students! The programme would be a a one-year postgraduate degree at any UK university in the subject of their choice. 

Offered to deserving students for studying in European and American universities. It includes university courses and special programs.

A highly popular scholarship program for Indian students in the UK for providing higher education opportunities by partnering joint programmes of postgraduate courses.

Felix is slightly set apart in that is it meant to aid deserving underprivileged Indian students and students from other developing countries to pursue a postgraduate degree in selected UK universities. 

The Embassy itself offers scholarships for undergraduate, masters, PhD and MBA courses through the list of Australian universities provided on their site. 

Take note of Netherlands! Bag this scholarship to study at selected Dutch universities for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

USA! USA! The university offers a Global Excellence Scholarship, as well as the #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship, a renewable scholarship which offers $15,000 per year.

This overseas graduate scholarship is aimed at international students from around the world. 

Another popular MBBS scholarship for Indians students to look up ia the Harvard Medical school schoalarships. Harvard is a well-known name across the world, and needs no introduction. So do hop on to their website to find out all the opportunities for overseas graduate scholarships they offer.

Checkboxes: Eligibility Criteria

Terms and conditions apply. Heard that before? It applies for scholarships too. Make sure to look out for the following details when you decide to pick from the scholarship buffet to pursue global education! 
  • Degree: Is it a scholarship to allow you to pursue an undergraduate/ post-graduate degree or for  PhD or research opportunities? Be mindful of what degree of opportunity you’re applying for since the duration and funding limitations come in your way before the hurray.

  • Performance: I’m sure you saw this coming. Your academic performance, extra-curricular activity range, and in some cases – your work experience will all play a role in determining your applicability. 

  • Merit or need: The most important point to note! Some scholarships are merit-based. Which mean that you don’t have to fall within an income bracket to be eligible to apply. The other kind is, of course, the need-based scholarship. Most of the government-funded scholarships are need-based and cater to students within a lower-income or scheduled caste/ tribe section. So make sure that your application is honest!

  • Age: Think before your 30s! A lot of scholarship candidatures have a hard age limit of 30 to 35 years of age. So shelve other plans and get cracking on your scholarship applications before you cross over to the other side. 

  • Citizenship criteria: You must hold Indian citizenship to apply for the scholarships targeted at Indian students – a no-brainer. But do look at the scope the of ‘international’ tag when it comes to the scholarships offered to international students since several scholarships may be the result of tie-ups between national institutions and specific regions/ countries. 

  • Visa application requirements: A1? B1? J1? These aren’t the grades that you would require! But the class of visa for your study period. When you’re at it, explore the visa options for the specific country. Student visas, their duration, and whether you can stay back to work after graduation or not! 

  • Field of study: Indeed! Some scholarships, like the Fullbright-Nehru fellowship, etc., do limit which field of study you can pursue. There are specific scholarships for science and tech-related fields as well. So make sure your future falls within their field!

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Bridging your A Game: Tips for Scholarship succes

Preparing for a scholarship can be a daunting task. But here are a few points to keep in mind that will help you stay a step ahead. A key aspect of this is to start preparing in advance. The scholarship application may be demanding and have time-consuming processes! So take note of the timeline and give yourself ample space to get all the documents and mark sheets, etc. ready! Going forward, here are some tips that can help you ace your application – 

  • Craft a well-rounded profile. It might help you gain a decided edge over competitors for the scholarship spot! Work on your outreach, your internships and other leadership roles. Highlight your achievements in any area, and take time out of academics to engage in such activities as well! Scholarships appreciate well-rounded individuals who they can see thoroughly benefitting from the incredible opportunities that await abroad. Emphasize work experience, particularly for those seeking scholarships for post-graduate courses. Practical experience can make your application stand out and demonstrate your commitment to your chosen field.
  • Compelling scholarship essays are paramount. They provide an opportunity to showcase your story and  your aspirations. Seek guidance from professors, mentors, and alumni to refine your essays and gain valuable insights into the application process. Actual pro tip- Talk to previous scholarship winners! 
  • Preparation is key, even for scholarship interviews. Develop your communication skills and rehearse potential questions to confidently present yourself during the interview process. Additionally, equip yourself with tips on negotiating for a scholarship, as this skill may prove invaluable in securing the financial support you need. Do mock interviews and keep standard answers customized to your experiences and goals. Make sure you’re capable of staying calm and maintaining due professionalism! We understand that anxiety can get the better of us in a lot of cases, so understand your triggers and learn to tackle them. You’ll go places. 
  • Take advantage of available resources and support systems. Educational consultants and counsellors can offer expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. Explore scholarship-specific websites and portals that provide comprehensive information on various opportunities. Engaging in scholarship workshops and webinars can also provide valuable insights and strategies. There’s plenty. Consider Youtube videos as well, for insight into the process and interviews of other scholars. 
  • Talk to people! We cannot stress this enough. Networking can play a pivotal role in your scholarship journey. Connect with current scholarship recipients and alumni to gain valuable tips, guidance, and inspiration. Their experiences can offer unique perspectives and motivate you to put your best foot forward


Studying abroad presents Indian students with tremendous opportunities for personal growth, global exposure, and quality education. However, the financial burden can be a concern. Thankfully, various scholarships cater to Indian students aspiring to study overseas. There’s plenty of options out there, randing from a scholarship for MBBS abroad, to MBAs, undergraduate degrees, Masters, PhD and research opportunities. This blog explores government initiative-based options like the National Overseas Scholarship and Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship. It also highlights scholarships offered by universities in the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada.

Navigating the world of scholarships can be both challenging and rewarding. By starting early, excelling academically, writing compelling essays, seeking assistance, and networking, you can pave the way to a brighter future. Remember, there is a wealth of resources and support available to aid you in your pursuit of scholarship success. So good luck on your journey to study abroad with scholarships for Indian students that are offered all over. Bon study voyage!

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