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Blog Outline

If you are someone who wants to study abroad but aren’t sure how exactly to manage life without family, then you have come to the right place. Studying abroad gives you abundant opportunities to explore different parts of the world and gain life-changing experiences. However, many students who don’t have family or other connections abroad are fearful about taking the chance. 

It is said that “Experience is the only source of knowledge.” This also stands true in this situation, as studying abroad for Indian students is a big decision. It gets easier to break the chains of dilemmas and doubts and take your first step towards your dream career when you learn about other people’s experiences. Thus, we have curated the most relatable experiences of students who studied outside the country without family or prior connections.  

  1. For Aanchal*, an Indian student studying in Canada, visiting different countries wasn’t something new, and she found it easy to make herself comfortable in a whole new environment. Nevertheless, she wishes she could’ve stayed with more locals and made more friends. Aanchal told us that networking in a new country is quite important, as it can prove to be highly beneficial in times of emergencies. It will also help you to learn more about new cultures and traditions. Aanchal’s word of advice for all those who are planning to study abroad is that “you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and explore more, every country has its own beauty”.
  1. Ajay* is an Indian student who is pursuing an engineering degree in Arizona, USA. He says that his biggest challenge was understanding the American accent. However, instead of shying away, he took it up as a challenge to make as many friends as he could and learn how to understand the accent. Within a few weeks, he didn’t have that problem anymore! He also says that his friends have been extremely helpful and kind to him throughout his stay there. 

Ajay made it a point to engage with support groups on campus and become a part of numerous student-led clubs. This has helped him to have a more holistic college experience and form many lasting friendships. 

His advice to Indian students studying abroad without family is to research the best country for studying abroad, the area they are planning to live in and have a broad idea about what the culture is like. If you have difficulty understanding the accent or dialect of the place, watching movies or shows from that part of the world can be helpful. Furthermore, if the country you are planning to move to is non-English speaking, it is important to learn the language as much as possible.

  1. Sara*, an Indian student who recently graduated in Germany, says that her experience was so enriching that she is also applying for her Master’s in Germany. Her initial fear was that although she had chosen the best country for studying abroad, she would be all alone in a country full of Germans, and she would not be able to fit in. However, she was proven wrong the minute she entered her college campus. The college was full of international students from all over the world, and even countries she hadn’t ever heard of! This made her much more comfortable during her studies.

She says that she has seen a lot of students hesitate to study abroad as they are quite unsure of themselves and think that studying abroad isn’t for them. Her word of advice is that anyone can choose to study abroad and make a better life for themselves. Students can make the best of their education with the wide options available in scholarships, financial aid, and affordable tuition.  

Germany is one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students, especially since they provide an extremely affordable and the best education in the world. Sara suggests that students planning to study abroad must consider Germany as their top choice.

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The students we spoke to had lots more advice. Here are some of our favourites:

  • “Starting your life in a new country while being a student can be quite hard to manage. There will be so many places you’ll want to visit and new things you’ll want to try out, but it is essential that you keep academics as your top priority.”
  • “Getting involved on campus with clubs, support groups, and other communities is a great way to network and build connections. The more people you know, the better it is in times of an emergency.”
  • “Apart from forming connections with your batchmates, it is important to get in touch with your seniors, professors, and the alumni community. This will help you immensely in applying for further education opportunities, building a career, and staying updated on great internships and job opportunities.”
  • “Don’t worry about being stuck with your choice. The college you join may not be the college you graduate from. Students often transfer for a variety of reasons like finances or find better options after joining.” 

Here’s a link to help you figure out how to transfer as an international student in the U.S.

Encouraged to study abroad? We’re glad! Head on to this blog for tips on how to plan your study abroad without family.

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Take full advantage of all the opportunities you get. Remember that education isn’t limited to what you learn in class but also comes with the experience you gain from living in a new place amongst new people. All our best wishes are with you!

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