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Blog Outline


A trip to the famous Walt Disney World is on everyone’s bucket list. This escape from reality has become very popular among couples. Be it any occasion, anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon; all the couples get busy with Disney trip planning. It is one of the few places that promise a good time for couples. If the couples decide to bring in the kids, the Disney world rides are there to keep them busy, and who doesn’t like the Disney world theme parks? If exploring the Disney world magic kingdom is your dream vacation, then follow these tips for couples to have a great Disney World trip.

Top 11 Tips For Couples Travelling To Disney World 

  1. Planning The Budget

    As fun as the trip may be, planning and staying within the budget is essential. Disney World packages are available at many sites, and you can choose the one that fits you the best. You can get forex card online if you are travelling internationally. You can store funds in multiple currencies and even transfer money to forex card. If you are planning it on your own, you can stay at one of the Disney land resorts, and instead of visiting all the theme parks on the same day, you can see each on a different day. 

    Another way to keep the trip budget-friendly is by getting the Niyo Global Card. It is an INR-based international Debit Card that helps people make payments in foreign currency while travelling to more than 150 countries hassle-free. The card automatically converts your transaction amount to the local currency and the remaining balance in your card continues to earn yearly interest of up to 6.5%. Couples facing difficulty while spending in foreign currency can use this travel-friendly card with zero forex markup and can easily open an account on the Niyo Global app without visiting a bank. Further, you can check out the exclusive in-app offers that can save you a bunch on your travel and accomodation overseas.

  2. Picking The Right Resort

    Deciding whether to stay at a Disney Resort depends on your budget. There are many attractive options within Disney World and outside. The next thing that you need to consider is convenience. Disney Resorts give easier access to the parks but they could be more expensive. You should also see what kind of transportation you prefer and if the Resort has that facility. You can travel via Disney buses, Disney boats, Disney’s Monorail, or the Skyliner Gondola. Another thing will be checking the theme as it will be a romantic trip.

  3. Packing

    Disney World is a prominent place spread across a large land. Therefore, you will be walking around a lot. So make sure you choose comfort over style and pack shoes instead of heels. The weather keeps changing, so you must ensure that you have something in your suitcase for any weather. The best thing is to dress in layers.

  4. Reserve The Passes

    Disney offers various types of passes such as the Annual pass, Disney premium passport, park hopping tickets, water park tickets, etc. It is always advised to reserve these passes in advance, depending on what you want, instead of buying them at last minute. 

  5. Make A List

    Disney World has a lot to offer, which can sometimes be a little overwhelming. It is challenging to do all the activities in one trip, so make a list and prioritize the activities you wish to experience. This tip can be beneficial for maintaining the budget as well. Some things that you cannot miss while at the Disney World are watching the fireworks together at the Magic Kingdom, taking a private cruise at Epcot, the After-Hours at Disneyland, the rides at Disney World theme parks, and the nightlife.

  6. Posing And Clicking

    Disney world is one of the most picturesque places in the world. How can you be at Disney World and not click any photos? Disney World has the Disney Photo pass service; however, many people hire professional photographs to make their memories immortal. All the theme parks offer a personalized 20-minute photo shoot as well. You can get dreamy pictures clicked, and one of the best spots would be in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom.

  7. Plan Romantic Dinners

    If budget is not your problem, then you can splurge on a fine dining experience at Disney World. One of the most recommended places is the California Grill because you enjoy a romantic dinner while watching the fireworks. If you are in the mood to eat outdoors, check out the Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge. Another place making it to the top of the list is Cinderalla’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom, which feels like royalty. However, ensure that you have made the reservations in advance to avoid long wait times to be seated.

  8. Unwind

    You may get tired from all the walking and want to do something relaxing. It is vital to add a day to unwind together and spend quality time. The couples’ trip to Disney World may often be a break from dull, mundane lives. Couples can go for activities that may be available at the Resort, for example, painting activities, culinary tours, etc. Another option is getting a spa treatment at the Floridian Spa or the Mandarin Spa. You can check if they can be included in your Disney World tour package.

  9. Take Advantage Of Recreational Activities

    If this is not your first visit to Disney World and you want to do something different other than going on the rides, there are many recreational activities. You can go trekking in the Animal Kingdom as a couple or go for a tour at Animal Kingdom Safari. You can go golfing on the courses at Walt Disney World, horseback riding, fishing, and even learn archery together.  

  10.  Take Souvenirs

    If you wish to spoil your partner or indulge in something extra romantic, you can always gift them something from the Disney official store. Disney floral gifts and services have plenty of options from which you can buy. You can purchase Mickey and Minnie ears or matching clothes and go twinning. It is not advised to buy from the parks as the prices may be higher.

  11.  Get The My Disney Experience App

    If you want all your tickets and reservations in one place, then you should download the My Disney Experience app. It acts as a guide during your trip and has all the information about seats on rides, restaurants, photos, etc.

How can Niyo Global Card help you save money while travelling to Disney World?

One of the major challenges that couples face while travelling abroad is managing expenses. Exploring the Disney World parks can be quite expensive; thus, it is essential to identify places to save money. If you are a couple travelling to  Disney World, then you should get yourself the Niyo Global Card. The Niyo Global Card is an Indian Rupee-based international debit card. It automatically converts INR to currencies of over 150 countries and you don’t have to worry about currency conversions or which currency to load on your card. Furthermore, this card has a 0% forex markup, meaning Niyo Global doesn’t charge any fee for providing the convenience of making payments in different currencies. That’s not all, only the amount you spend while making a purchase gets converted into the local currency and the remaining balance on your card continues to earn yearly interest of up to 6.5% and gives monthly interest payouts. Other features of the card include:

  • Tap and Pay transactions
  • Zero forex markup
  • Interest up to 6.5% per annum with monthly interest payouts
  • Quick ATM Locator within the app
  • In-app Currency Convertor to instantly know how much your purchase will cost in any currency
  • In-app live Customer Service is available 24X7
  • No account opening fees
  • Account opening process is entirely online in the Niyo Global app
  • There are no fees for not maintaining any balance on your card.
  • You can easily add money in INR using UPI/NEFT/IMPS without any charges
  • The app allows you to manage your payment limit across multiple payment channels


Other things to keep in mind include coming early to the parks and getting in line early to avoid standing in long queues. You should carry many things, such as a portable fan, a water bottle that you can refill, bring snacks, etc. If you plan to propose or go on a honeymoon, there is nothing better than Walt Disney World.


1.  Does Disney allow water bottles?

Yes, water bottles are allowed in Disney as long as they are not made of glass. It is best to bring reusable water bottles as you can refill them from the drinking water fountains, and it is cost-friendly too.

2. Can I bring a backpack to Disney?

Backpacks are allowed at Disney; however, certain size requirements exist. The length should be 24″, width 15″, and height 18″. Bags bigger than those are not allowed.

3. Is water free at Disney World?

Water is free at Disney World. You can get free water at Hollywood studios, animal kingdoms, and Epcot. 

4. Is the Niyo global card accepted at Disney world?

Yes, the Niyo Global card is accepted in more than 150 countries, including Disney World. It is a zero forex markup international debit card that works on the Visa network. It works at all Visa-accepting merchants across the world. It is an international travel-friendly card that will save you a lot during your entire trip to the Disney World. 

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