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“Habibi.. Come to Dubai!” Is something that echoes in our mind the moment we start planning our trip to this wonderful city. Going on a vacation is not always pocket friendly; an international holiday is even more so, especially when it is all about the Dubai Bling! But if you’re a travel freak and you love beautiful beaches, classic infrastructure and a super fun night life, then Dubai has to be on the top of your travel list! You can expect excellence and brilliance to surpass their definition in Dubai. That is precisely why this breathtaking destination has been on most people’s wish lists for quite some time. 

It has been stated that “Quality comes at its own price.” A trip to Dubai can indeed be a costly act for most people! So, is Dubai just a rich people’s vacation place? Or can you visit Dubai on a budget? Well, you can! Here are some tips and tricks to affording that Dubai trip you have wanted to go on for so long.

Top 10 tips to save money for your Dubai Trip

The following money saving tips will help you understand how to save money for travel:

  1. Set a clear intention

    A clear vision of your travel plan will help you create a budget accordingly. To set boundaries, gather knowledge, and research Dubai thoroughly. You can set the boundaries, such as how long the vacation will be, what would be your traveling mode, etc.

  2. While researching, keep track of all the major expenses, and it’ll be better to make a journal for your Dubai travel before moving to the next steps.

    Plan your travel budget

    Once you’ve understood all the major expenses, try to find out how much money you would need weekly for other leisure expenses. After knowing the costs, you’ll get a complete picture of how much money you’d need on the trip. It might seem like a far-fetched goal, but you must stay motivated. The upcoming money-saving tips will make the process easier.

  3. Choose off-season to travel.

    Peak holiday periods are when hotel and airline ticket prices are at their highest. Be wise and choose an off-season period to travel. Doing this will help to get accommodation and travel fares at cheaper rates. It can be your ultimate mantra for your Dubai travel without breaking your bank balance. During your travel, try to include places to visit in Dubai for free, such as Camel Museum, Car Gazing, etc. 

  4. Make bookings in advance

    Booking in advance saves you a lot of hassle and money on accommodation and airfares. It will help you get cheaper rates and better services. While booking your hotel, you need to pay in Dhiram, and currency conversion can be tricky and expensive. Be sure to choose a hotel near Dubai public transport, such as the metro, as taxis are an expensive mode of transportation in Dubai. 

    Niyo Global card can be your best buddy while traveling, as it offers zero forex markup. It also has exclusive in-app offers that can get you heavy discounts on hotel and flight bookings in more than 150 countries. And guess what, free airport lounge access to help you cope with the layover at the airport in India like a pro!

  5. Keep a record of your spending

    Your spending habits will alter after you become aware of all your unnecessary expenses by keeping an expense diary. You can also create a spreadsheet and include your daily and monthly expenses. Create two columns for them: “Needs” and “Wants.” Remove one “want” at a time from the items you frequently purchase. This is one of the money-saving tips that will help you achieve your goal at an accelerated rate.

  6. Start a dedicated travel account

    Having a savings account specifically for your trip is one of the best things you can do when saving for Dubai travel. As a result, you can set aside some of your paychecks each month without disturbing it. 

  7. Don’t overspend on material things.

    Overspending can be a significant obstacle if you’re planning to visit Dubai on a budget. Out of excitement, you can lose a considerable amount of money. Keep checking your spending and try to shop from your local stores, not the designer brands you love so much! 

  8. Cut back on fancy food and drinks

    Restaurants can weaken your saving plan. Try to cut back on fancy food and drinks while saving for a Dubai budget trip. Remember this tip even when you’re in Dubai. Try local cuisines instead of fancy restaurants. You can use an international debit card that provides zero forex markup for hassle-free currency exchanges. This money-saving tip will also help you to get healthier!

  9. Reduce your car usage

    Maintaining a car can be very expensive in today’s world. The fuel prices are at their all-time high! Limiting your vehicle usage will help you save significantly for your Dubai budget trip. You can choose to carpool or use public transportation. Remember this tip while you’re on your trip, and use Dubai public transport to save a little extra money there.

  10. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

    Look at all of your monthly subscriptions critically and consider certain issues. Are they essential? Do you use them wisely? Are they worth your money? If not, it might be time to cancel them. 

How can Niyo Global helps you save money for your Dubai Trip?

Niyo Global can be your finest travel companion regardless of where you are going and whether you are visiting one or more countries. You can deposit INR (Indian Rupees) into your Niyo Global account from any of your other bank accounts and use it to make purchases in more than 150 local countries. It can make your Dubai travel stress free due to the most compelling features of this forex card mentioned below:

  • The currency converter within the app provides you with a real-time exchange rate, so there are no surprises afterward.
  • Niyo Global card comes with zero forex markup, which means it doesn’t charge you anything for currency conversions.
  • In more than 150 countries, you can use Niyo Global Card to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases at businesses accepting visas.
  • You can spend more time planning other elements of your trip because the Niyo Global App is simple and fast, which ensures quick account opening.
  • You will get assistance and support 24*7 in case of any problem.


People used to save for years and years to travel abroad in the previous generation. It served as a person’s retirement strategy in most cases. But now you have many wonderful options at your disposal, making it simpler to save money and pay for travel.   With all the technology at your fingertips, you can now choose affordable flights, obtain more affordable loans, buy at discounts, and do much more.

Now you know the most effective tips on how to save money for travel. These tips will not help you overnight but will help you develop habits that save you money. Be consistent and motivated while following these steps, and make the dream of your Dubai travel a reality!

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