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Jet-Set on a Budget: Student Travel Hacks to Score Amazing Flight Discounts!


Hey there, wanderlust-filled students! Are you dreaming of exploring the world without emptying your wallet? Well, guess what? We’ve got some nifty travel hacks just for you! Let’s find how to get cheap flights for students and jet-set on a student-friendly budget. Buckle up, the adventure begins right now!

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Hey there, wanderlust-filled students! Are you dreaming of exploring the world without emptying your wallet? Well, guess what? We’ve got some nifty travel hacks just for you! Let’s find how to get cheap flights for students and jet-set on a student-friendly budget. Buckle up, the adventure begins right now!

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As a student passionate about exploring the world, we understand how crucial it is to make the most of your travel budget. Whether you dream of backpacking across Europe, studying abroad in exotic destinations, or embarking on a weekend getaway, this blog is your go-to resource for unlocking incredible flight deals. We’ve gathered a treasure trove of insider tips, tricks, and savvy strategies to help you navigate the complex world of airfare pricing, find hidden discounts, and seize opportunities that will have you jet off to your dream destinations without breaking the bank. So, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for a journey that will leave your wanderlust heart soaring high!


1. Unleash the Student ID Magic

Your student ID isn’t just a ticket to the library; it can be your golden ticket to discounted flights! Many airlines and travel agencies offer special fares exclusively for students. If you are wondering how to apply for student discounts on flights, all you need to do is keep your ID handy and check out websites like Student Universe, STA Travel, and others to unveil cheap flights for students

2. Embrace Flexible Travel Dates

If strict academic schedules do not bind you, you can save big by being flexible with your travel dates. Midweek flights are often cheap flights for students than weekend ones, and shoulder seasons (the period between peak and off-peak seasons) can be your wallet’s best friend.

3. Get Your Fare Alerts On

Don’t let those airlines with student discounts sneak past you! Sign up for fare alerts from various travel platforms like MakeMyTrip and ClearTrip. Be the first to know when prices drop for student flight tickets, and you’ll soar through the skies quickly.

4. Go Undercover with Incognito Mode

Ever noticed how flight prices magically increase after a few searches? That’s no sorcery; it’s the cookies at play! Use your browser’s incognito mode when searching for cheap flights for students to avoid price hikes based on your search history.

5. Be a Frequent Flyer

Loyalty pays off! Join frequent flyer programs of your favourite airlines and collect those miles while you fly. Over time, you can redeem them for free flights or flight upgrades, giving you more reasons to take off.

6. Consider Alternate Airports

When planning your adventures, check if there are alternative airports nearby. Sometimes, flying into a smaller airport can lead to significant savings. Plus, you might uncover hidden gems in less touristy locations.

7. Get Your Squad on Board for Epic Discounts

Got a bunch of travel buddies with the same destination in mind? Group bookings can often land group discounts with cheap flights for students, making the trip more budget-friendly.

8. Utilise Student Travel Agencies

There are specialised travel agencies out there catering exclusively to students. They know the ins and outs of how to apply student discounts on flights and can help you find the best deals tailored to your preferences.

9. Mix and Match Airlines

It’s time to become your travel agent! Sometimes, booking separate one-way flights with different airlines can be cheaper than a round-trip ticket. Get creative, and you can unlock some hidden savings.

10. Social Media Snooping

Follow airlines and travel agencies on social media platforms like Twitter. They often post flash sales and exclusive deals for student flight tickets, allowing you to snag that dream flight at an unbeatable price.

Top 5 Best Airlines For Students

As a student, the best airline for you would be those with cheap flights for students and a high student baggage allowance. Based on that criteria, we have narrowed down the 5 best Airlines that give students the best rates without being at the cost of quality and convenience.

Air India

Air India is famous for its generous deals, especially for students travelling abroad. You don’t need to worry about how to get a student discount on flight because they have fantastic packages that have included amazing 50% discounts in the past. As a sweet bonus, students used to get one free piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg

Qatar Airways

By joining Qatar Airline’s student club, students have access to special promotions, fare discounts, and other perks tailored to their needs. They also provide discounted airfares for students, making it more affordable to travel internationally. Although a valid student identification is required for this. 


If you’re a budget-conscious student, easyJet is a top choice. They offer an Active Education discount, and you can even pay for your trip in instalments without any annoying fees. Their Freedom to Change policy is a real lifesaver, allowing you to make changes to your booking up to 28 days before departure, perfect for those last-minute trips back home at the end of term.

American Airlines

For students in the US, American Airlines is the best bet. Their AAdvantage scheme offers hefty discounts and tons of cool perks, making it a fantastic choice for university students.


Emirates is an excellent option if you’re worried about last-minute changes. They’ve got your back by letting students change their travel dates for free up to seven days before their trip. Plus, if you’re travelling with someone starting an overseas course, they offer a family discount too. Sweet deal!

Get free lounge access at any Indian International Airport through Niyo Global. 

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Before You Sail Away

So, fellow student travellers put these hacks into action and embark on your globetrotting adventures without breaking the bank. Discover the world on a student-friendly budget with these travel hacks! Use your student ID for exclusive cheap flights for students, be flexible with travel dates, and sign up for fare alerts. Stay incognito to avoid price hikes, become a frequent flyer for rewards, and consider alternative airports. Group bookings and student travel agencies offer more savings Travel isn’t just a luxury; it’s an enriching experience that opens your mind to the world. Grab those student flight tickets, pack your bags, and prepare to create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Bon voyage! 

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