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Blog Outline

When you’re travelling internationally, you might need a passport. But did you know that there is a list of 40+ countries where Indian citizens can travel without a Passport? Yes, you read that right. You could live in these countries for years and never get asked for an ID.  With the world becoming a global village, it is common for people to travel without passports across borders. It is sort of hard to know the ins and outs of the world, so it is essential that we know the places in which we can roam freely without our passports. That is why we have curated a list of countries Indians can travel to without a passport. These are the most exotic and beautiful ones you must visit once in your lifetime. The best part is that you can not only travel without a passport but also without cash if you carry a Niyo Global Card, which is accepted in 150+ countries.
  1. Thailand

    Thailand is a passport-free country for Indians. Thais are popular among Indians as tourists, especially Bollywood actors. Before travelling to Thailand, you must apply for a Niyo Global Card. A Niyo Global Card will be convenient for you when travelling to Thailand, as you can shop effortlessly by using the card. If you are worried about the expense, just put a limit on online transactions and card swipes.
  2. Indonesia

    Indonesia is one of the popular places to visit without a passport for Indians as an exotic vacation and a place to settle down. It is one of the most accessible passport-free countries in the world, with no visa restrictions for Indian citizens. The tropical climate in Indonesia makes it perfect for beach holidays or taking long walks along its many idyllic beaches. 
  3.  Hong Kong

    If you never tried out this travel hack, you must – it’s a saviour! In fact, setting up the travel fund is to be the very first thing you must do. It will surely help you visit many spots on your “Germany best places to visit” bucket list. On top of that, there are various Germany travel requirements you need to follow to stay out of trouble. You need to start researching and zeroing in on the travel destination you want to visit, aligning it with the time of travel. They go hand-in-hand. Then, you need to check the prices for flights and surf through the hotels and lodging options. You also need to find out the climate you will face and accordingly purchase clothing items, including shoes, in case you do not have them. This point will complement the preceding point, thereby helping you to get ready for the trip!
  1. Bhutan

    Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia best known for its mountains and monasteries. It’s also famous for its traditional culture, which includes the unique dress of the Bhutanese people. Bhutan is a tiny country with a thriving tourism industry and passport-free access to many other countries.
  2. Fiji

    Fiji is a passport-free country for Indians. It is an island country in the Pacific Ocean, south of Vanuatu and west of Tonga. It’s also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  3. Jamaica

    Jamaica is another beautiful country where Indians can travel without a passport. There is a facility for visas on arrival for Indians. During this time, you can manage all your expenses with a Niyo Global Card that is acceptable in more than 150 countries. However, being in a new country and carrying massive cash can be problematic. For this, the Niyo Global app comes in-built ATM locator. Once you pay with your phone, you can use the locator to find the nearest ATMs to your location based on the GPS.
  4. Macau

    Macau is the People’s Republic of China’s Special Administrative Region (SAR). It is located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Zhuhai in the east and facing Hong Kong in the south. If you carry a Niyo Global Card while travelling to this beautiful country, you can enjoy Zero Forex markup anywhere in the world.
  5. Mauritius

    Mauritius falls on the list of one of the without passport visiting countries for Indians. Mauritius is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 km east of Madagascar. You can enjoy a trip to Mauritius without worrying about the hassle of currency exchange because our travel Card facilitates smooth transactions in 100+ currencies across the globe, isn’t it amazing?  What’s more is that you can lock or unlock the card temporarily, in case you lose it or misplaced it somewhere during your stay in Mauritius.
  6. Seychelles

    Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Passport holders from India can travel there without any restrictions on their stay within Seychelles. If you are wondering who can travel without a passport in the world then the answer would be Indians!
  7. Nepal

    Citizens of India can travel to Nepal without their passports. In case of a stay of up to 15 days, an Indian passport is not required for citizens of India. However, in case of a more extended stay, a Nepal visa is required and can be obtained on arrival at the airport. You can also do emergency travel without a passport.
  8. Cuba

    You can travel to Cuba without a passport but need a visa. You’ll also need to show your passport at the airport when you arrive in Cuba and leave the country. Visas are valid for 30 days from their issue date, so make sure to plan accordingly if traveling during that time frame.
  9. Maldives

    If you’re a citizen of India, you can travel to the Maldives without your passport. The country is located in Asia, an island country in the Indian Ocean.


With this compiled list of countries Indians can travel to without a passport, you know which countries to visit! And remember to carry your Niyo Global Card if you want to go cashless. This card also gives up to 5% interest PA on savings. So, grab your Niyo Global Card now and roam worldwide without the stress of keeping cash.
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