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International Travel Card by Niyo Global

The topmost dilemma all world travellers face is managing payments in foreign currency in the easiest, seamless, and cost-efficient way possible. While there are several options you can pick fromcarrying cash in foreign currency, international debit card, credit card, forex card, travellers’ cheque, etc. All these options come with varying risks, fees and charges. 


International banking made simple by Niyo Global

Niyo, in partnership with SBM Bank India and VISA, strives to address these and many more issues through our newest offering—Niyo Global. The Niyo Global digital savings account aims to make your global banking needs for travel, study, and beyond a smooth and hassle-free experience. With this interest-earning savings bank account, you can load your account in INR (Indian Rupees) and spend in the local currencies of over 150 countries including India. You don’t have to look for multi currency forex cards online, Niyo Global takes care of that and much more. So no matter where you travel around the world, Niyo Global is the best international travel card with the best acceptance rate for 100+ currencies.

If you are looking for the best forex card for your international travel, look no further and don’t fall prey to claims of cheapest forex card or cheapest travel card in the market. Niyo Global is not only a card that works worldwide saving you with zero forex markup fee, but also a savings account that earns interest with a monthly payout.

Go Global with Niyo Global!

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