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Innovative Features in Travel & Finance

Niyo Global App is a digital-first solution to your every concern. This multifeature App comes loaded with incredible features with answers to almost all your travel needs on your fingertips

Currency Rates

Check out real-time currency rates and convert currency instantly using the Niyo app

Backup Card

Lost your card while traveling? We have got you covered with our spare card.

ATM Locator

Locate your nearest ATM at a foreign land without getting confused using the Niyo app


You’ll be notified with your transactions even before you would realize it. Notifications on your Niyo app will keep you updated

Magic Wave

Want to hide your account balance from the pokey eyes? Simply activate this feature from the settings and you can make your account balance appear blurry on the screen instantly – with just a wave of the hand over your phone camera

Niyo Wave