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**VISA exchange rate is applicable.
*Conditions apply.

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Save 3-5% each time you make a forex transaction

Accepted in 150+ countries and 100+ currencies across the globe.

Travel light with minimal cash and zero hassle. The Niyo Global App locates an ATM near you, wherever you are

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Always travel in peace and comfort with complimentary lounge access at domestic & international airports across India

Enjoy exclusive travel and debit card offers. Saving money and availing customized deals while travelling has never been easier

VISA concierge is your 24×7 digital personal assistant, offering specially curated experiences for you

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Real time currency converter in the Niyo Global App makes sure you never end up paying more when handling foreign currencies

While you take in the sights and explore new countries, you can earn a 5% interest* p.a. on your savings with monthly interest payout.

There is no time zone for an emergency, or for getting help with any issue with our 24×7 in-app chat support

Security At Your Fingertips

Get real-time updates for your transactions and balance

If you’re not using your card or have misplaced it, simply ‘lock’ it temporarily and ‘unlock’ it once you’re ready to use it again

Stay in control of your digital savings account by locking or adding limits on ATM withdrawals, card swipes & online transactions

Your money is always safe with an insurance cover of up to ₹5 Lakh by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC), a subsidiary of RBI

Niyo Global App security

**VISA exchange rate is applicable.
*Conditions apply.


Niyo Global Card

The Niyo Global card is an INR based international card that helps you make transactions in foreign currencies when you are travelling. It is your ideal travel partner for the following reasons:

  • It’s a card which can be loaded in INR from wherever you are, whenever you want. The payment is made in the local currency of where you are, so there won’t be any DCC conversion charges. A real-time currency converter shows you exactly how much you will be paying.
  • It takes away the need to carry wads of foreign currency and is a debit card that comes with a savings account offering up to 5% interest on your savings
  • It is more safe and secure than regular debit/credit card because you can lock/unlock the card or certain payment channels from the Niyo Global app to be in complete control of your funds
  • Since it is on VISA network the Niyo Global card is accepted by thousands of merchants in more than 150 countries

Forex card is a service that quite a few banks offer, and most of them do not require you to have an account with them. With the Niyo Global card, you get a savings account that ensures your money is always working, even when you are on vacation.

A lot of careful planning is required for your itinerary and plans for travel, but financial worries should not weigh on your mind when you want to explore new countries. The Niyo Global card does your financial planning for you as it comes with an array of useful features.

  • Accepted by merchants in over 150 countries: You can load your Niyo Global card in INR before you travel, or even while you are in a foreign land. Niyo Global auto-converts the amount to your local currency and can be used to pay at VISA accepting merchants in 150+ countries, including India
  • Zero Forex Markup: There is no forex markup with the Niyo Global card
  • Limits on transactions: The Niyo Global card is accepted by thousands of VISA merchants and can be used for card swipe, ATM, contactless and online transactions.


Per Transaction Limits


INR 1,00,000


INR 7,50,000


INR 7,50,000

Fund Transfer


Within Cooling Period (30 mins)

INR 25,000

Outside Cooling Period

INR 5,00,000

  • Card Locks and Limits: You can choose to lock your card temporarily and unlock it whenever you want with a single tap on your app. You can also lock specific channels like ATM, card swipe, or online payments, and place limits on these channels to be in charge of your expenses
  • ATM locator: Find the nearest ATM wherever you might be in the world, in case there’s an emergency and you need cash at a moment’s notice
  • 24X7 Support: Help is available to you 24X7 through the in-app support. No matter where you, someone is always there to provide assistance
  • Security you can rely on: We use industry best practices for security and encryption to keep your finances safe and secure
  • Real-time updates on transactions: Your transactions are always listed in the local currency, and updated with each payment, to help you keep track of your funds

Niyo Global does not charge you any special exchange rate. The VISA exchange rate is used and there is no extra charge for using the card.

Here’s how you can populate the exchange rate calculator fields:

  • My card is in – INR
  • My transaction was in – whichever foreign currency(choose from the dropdown)
  • Enter Bank fees – 0

The Niyo Global card is the best forex card you can choose since it charges zero forex markup and ensures that you never have to limit yourself in indulging your wanderlust.

  • Since it is accepted by merchants in over 150 countries, you can use it to buy things wherever you are
  • You can load the card from anywhere, anytime in INR via NEFT, IMPS, and UPI from any of your bank accounts. When using the card you will pay in the local currency of where you are at, which means you don’t have to worry about your expenses at all on your travels
  • You are in complete control of how the card can be used as you can set locks and limits on specific payment channels from within the Niyo Global app
  • Whether it is a card swipe, ATM, contactless or online transaction, you can get it all done with the Niyo Global card
  • Your transactions are always listed in the local currency, which makes it easier to keep track of your expenses
  • Should you need assistance, you can use the in-app chat support 24X7. You never have to worry about finances

A forex card looks and works just like a regular credit or debit card. The similarities are not limited to how it is accepted by merchants all around the world, but also extend to the security aspects. Your card is always protected by the agency that issues it to you, and you can lock or block your card should you misplace it. A PIN will usually be used to authorize all payments, and this adds a layer of security and prevents fraudulent transactions.

  • Always reset the PIN of your card when you receive it so that only you know the PIN
  • Always check the expiry date of the forex card before your journey
  • Check your transaction history regularly so that you can spot unknown and fraudulent transactions right away
  • It is best to keep a backup source of funds, be it in the form of foreign exchange or a separate forex card. This makes sure that you are not left stranded in case something goes wrong with your card
  • In case you are using a prepaid debit forex card, do not use it to make purchases where there is the possibility of returns/credit, for example when buying clothes that might have the option to return, or using codes that offer cashback


Currently, we provide services in over 14,000+ PIN codes across India. You can enter your PIN code while onboarding to check if your current location falls under our serviceable regions.

Yes, it can be used to withdraw money from ATMs, although the ATM service might charge you a small fee.

You can lock your card temporarily or block it permanently from the app. Blocking the card is a permanent change, which means you cannot use it again and will have to order a new card for a fee.

Yes, because international debit cards will charge you a fee with each transaction, while forex cards don’t because with forex cards you make the payment in the local currency.

You just need your PAN, Aadhaar number and Passport for this instant forex card application.

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